A Lookback At The Best & Worst Movie Moments Throughout The ‘Scream’ Franchise

The iconic pop culture movie; Scream is coming back to cinemas very very soon. No one is quite sure what the 2022 Scream film will bring to the franchise, is it a reboot? Or a sequel? Well, it’s technically both, it will be launched as part of a new trilogy that will continue from the characters of Scream 4. The new Scream film will be coming to cinemas on the 14th of January, so we’re taking a look back at some of the best and worst movie moments throughout the popular franchise. 

Spoiler Alert Warning: If you haven’t watched the original films (4 in total), spoilers are ahead. 

Scream (1996) 

The first movie of the franchise was released in 1996 and quickly became one of the best slasher-horrors ever. The original plot follows Sidney Prescott (played by Neve Campbell) trying to cope with the first anniversary of her mothers’ murder. After two people in her town are murdered by ‘Ghostface’ it sets off a string of murders and Sidney quickly becomes the main target of ‘Ghostface.’ 

Best: The Plot Twist At The End

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Arguably, one of the best scenes in the original movie is when the killer, ‘Ghostface’ is revealed at the end. The first killer is no surprise, as it is already suspected that Sidney’s boyfriend Billy is the killer. However, the plot twist is that Billy did not act alone, Stu his best friend is an accomplice. 

Worst: Ghostface stalking Sidney in broad daylight 

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The worst scenes in the original movie has got to be when ‘Ghostface’ is stalking Sidney in broad daylight. Yes, this is a film and it’s not supposed to be realistic but it does take you out of it when you see the killer in full costume just stalking Sidney and her best friend Tatum in the middle of a grocery store. However, he’s also seen quite openly lurking in the bushes in broad daylight as well.

Scream 2 (1997) 

Following, the release of the first movie, Scream 2 was released in 1997 and follows a copycat ‘Ghostface’ killer. It follows the release of a film called ‘Stab’ which is about the murders that took place in the first Scream movie. It again follows the main character Sidney Prescott, as the new killer is still related back to her. 

Best: The Ending

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One of the best scenes in Scream 2 once again, has got to be the ending when the new ‘Ghostface’ is revealed at the end. The first killer Mickey shows a new side to serial killers by wanting to show the dangers of horror movies. However, the plot thickens when it is revealed that Billy’s mother is also an accomplice and wants revenge for her son. However, a great moment to shout out would be that the entire film premise is because the killer was inspired by a film inside of a film.

Worst: The opening Scene

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Although the scene is very ironic considering the plot of Scream 2, it has got to be one of the worst scenes in Scream 2. It has to be the opening scene of the film, where Phil goes to the bathroom at the premiere of the movie ‘Stab’ and is killed by ‘Ghostface’ in a bathroom stall. Then ‘Ghostface’ proceeds to go back into the theatre to kill the Phils’ girlfriend, Maureen in the middle of the screening and no one blinks an eye. 

Scream 3 (2000)

Scream 3 was released in the year 2000 and follows Sidney Prescotts’ isolation from the media after the fame of the film ‘Stab.’  However, a new ‘Ghostface’ killer returns after being inspired by the ‘Stab’ film franchise and starts killing the cast members of the film. However, Scream 3 adds much more comedy and starts to back away from the violence and horror that was introduced in the previous films. This was due to backlash from the public about violence in the media. 

Best: The Rules of a Trilogy 

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One of the best scenes in Scream 3 has got to be watching the main characters, Sidney, Dewey, Gale, and Martha (Randy’s sister) watching a video Randy made before his death. This video is what the rules of a trilogy are, it lists all of the things that happen in a trilogy film that could help them. This scene ultimately gives them a hint that the previous events we knew to be true were in fact bigger than what they first appeared as. 

Worst: The Revealed Killer

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Although the principle of this killer could have been done well, it just did not offer the same kind of twists and hype that the first two movies delivered on. Honestly, it took a lot away from the original killer reveal scenes, and perhaps it was due to the way the film was done. Many people expect an element of comedy in the Scream films but it was probably due to the overuse of comedy and lack of horror in Scream 3 that actually made it worse. 

Scream 4 (2011)

Scream 4 was released in 2011, which is a big jump from its predecessor in the year 2000. A big part of this could be due to the fact that Scream 3 did not reach the level of popularity that the first two films brought. Scream 4 hopes to revitalize the franchise and once again follows Sidney Prescott returning back to her hometown. It’s now the fifteenth anniversary of the original murders in Scream, where a new ‘Ghostface’ reappears and begins killing students from Woodsboro, the original high school of the first movie. 

Best: The Ghostface Reveal 


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Sticking to its principles in Scream 4, the reveal of the killer is back to being one of the best scenes in the film. The killer in this film is revealed to be Sidney’s cousin, Jill, who is motivated by fame. Her ex-boyfriend Trevor is revealed to be her accomplice. Jill wants to become as famous as Sidney is due to the previous murders and the movie franchise ‘Stab’ based on the events of the Scream films. It’s safe to say by the end of the film, Jill is definitely famous. 

Worst: The Barn House Party 


Although the scene does provide context for the new ‘Ghostface’ killer, as it is revealed they are making the movie instead from a killer’s perspective. The scene itself is fairly over the top and not in a great way. It focuses a lot on silly high school students watching the ‘Stab’ movies, even after the events of the last movie, where ‘Ghostface’ murders the cast. It is ironic that ‘Ghostface’ is now somewhat idolized.  

Scream (2022)

Scream will be released on the 14th of January, it won’t be long before some new killers and new outcomes are revealed.

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