5 Hacks for Developing a Well-Defined Jawline

As we age, the shape of our faces changes in several ways. There might be an increase in fat around the neck, where the skin begins to sag and jaw muscles become less pronounced. The result is a less defined jawline. Whether due to aging or genetics that cause certain malformations during childhood, an unsatisfactory jawline type is a common issue. 

It’s one that both men and women experience at various stages of life. However, there is good news, as you can take several measures to develop a more well-defined jawline, with sharper cheekbones and tighter skin around the neck. Here are 5 hacks that will help you accomplish just that. 


Let’s start with what is probably the simplest solution, which is nothing more than smiling. The more often you do it, the more toned your facial muscles will become. Putting your pearly whites on display extends your cheekbones, making them work harder and become stronger. 

So, don’t hesitate to smile when the opportunity arises. The added benefit of boosting your mood and that of everyone around you makes it all the more worthwhile.


A series of exercises centered around the goal of improving jaw posture, mewing focuses on tongue placement as it pertains to improving the shape of your face. There has been a noteworthy amount of research performed on the method and a wealth of anecdotal evidence that mewing might work, making it a great solution.

In short, the technique involves keeping your tongue attached to the roof of your mouth and breathing through your nose. This has advantages that go well beyond improving your jawline, including helping with speech disorders and sleep apnea, as well as combatting breathing and swallowing problems. 

Chewing Gum

There’s a reason why many celebrities of the 90s were often seen chewing gum. It’s one of the most effective ways to put your facial muscles to work. With sugar-free gum, you can also give your teeth a good clean and freshen your breath at the same time. Plus, it’s super fun and barely takes any effort. 


One potential way to instantly create the appearance of a well-defined jawline is to get a haircut. You want a style that elongates the shape of your face as opposed to adding roundness. In other words, avoid making the sides fuller, instead of adding volume to the top of your head, and keeping the rest tight. 

An extra tip for men is to add some light shade to your jawline with facial hair. This is an effective way to accentuate your jaw and enhance your definition. Since every face is different, you might need to pick up a pair of clippers and play around a bit to see which style works best for you. 

Chin Lifts

Just as you can lift weights to strengthen certain muscles in your body, you can also lift your chin to define your jawline. This can be done through the basic exercise of tilting your head upwards with your eyes fixed on the ceiling, before straining your lips as though you were going to give someone very tall a kiss. 

Hold this position for five seconds per rep before giving your lips a moment to recover. In doing so, you’ll be increasing facial tightness over time, thus leading to an improved jawline. 

Aside from changing up your hairstyle and performing certain exercises, following a healthy lifestyle overall is just as useful for getting the jawline you want. Staying fit and healthy, avoiding salty and sugary foods, drinking enough water, and taking care of your skin will make all the difference. 

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