5 Ways To Style Your Clothes For Winter Events

There’s nothing worse than trying to style outfits for a winter occasion. You want to look stylish, but you also want to figure out how to keep warm. Here are some outfits you can style for any winter event.

Style 1: Flared Trousers

Woman with flared Trouser, high-heeled boots, trench coat and small leopard handbag


Flared trousers are a perfect way to accentuate your figure whilst keeping warm. They are very trendy and stylish right now and there are many ways to pair them. How about trying this: Flared trousers, paired with a nice set of high-heeled ankle boots and a long-sleeve bodysuit. To keep the chill away, you can also pair this outfit with an on-trend stylish trench coat. 

Style 2: Jumper Dresses

Woman with white jumper dress, white tights, fur-lined leather coat and black bag


Jumper dresses are a great piece of clothing for going out for drinks or dinner. They are very versatile in terms of what you can pair with them, sometimes they aren’t very warm though. Here’s how to style them to keep warm: A jumper dress, paired with a nice set of thigh-high boots, you can add some nude or black tights and add a pair of fluffy socks for warmth. For extra warmth, you can also pair this outfit with a warm fluffy teddy coat. 

Style 3: Knitted Co-ord 

Woman wearing Knitted Jumper and Knitted Lounge Trousers


Knitted Co-ords are perfect for both casual and stylish events, they can be dressed down or up. They have also been trending lately, not only for winter but knitted wear in summer. Here’s how to dress up a co-ord: A knitted co-ord, paired with some sneakers, make sure to add some accessories, like earrings. If you can find an off-the-shoulder knitted co-ord it will add extra style points to your outfit and instead of looking casual, it will look perfect for a nice day out around town. For extra warmth, you can also pair this outfit with a faux fur coat. 

Style 4: Jeans

Woman wearing jeans, ankle boots, beige trench coat, scarf, beret and black backpack


Never underestimate a nice pair of jeans, any jeans will work but skinny jeans are easier to dress up. Here’s how to style skinny jeans: Some skinny jeans, paired with either a knitted jumper or long-sleeve bodysuit, accessorize with a small backpack or clutch bag and a nice pair of boots. For extra warmth, you can also pair this outfit with a trench coat or any kind of cropped jacket. 

Style 5: Jumpsuit

Woman wearing brown jumpsuit, ankle boots and a black cap, holding a brown travel bag


A jumpsuit is a great alternative to a jumper dress or if you want to change it up from just wearing trousers. These one-pieces help accentuate all of your curves, whilst keeping you warm and stylish. Again, jumpsuits can be dressed up or down, for a classy look get a lacy top jumpsuit, or alternatively, you can try velvet. Here’s how to style jumpsuits: A jumpsuit, paired with some boots or sneakers, accessorize with a small bag. For extra warmth, you can also pair this outfit with a longline coat.


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