How to prepare for a vacation to Dubai: recommendations for families traveling with children

Dubai is an incredibly beautiful city, full of colors, vibrant life and luxury. Everyone who has ever been able to visit this city remains under unforgettable impressions for a long time. After seeing the majestic beauty of the desert, picturesque seascapes, unique sights of the city and plunging into the atmosphere of sophistication, you will never want to leave this Paradise! 

Dubai is a place where children are very much loved, where they are cherished and taken care of. Both young people and couples with children of different ages will have a bright and exciting time here. In the event that you do not want to be tied to the schedule of transport and guides, we recommend that you apply for car rental services. Renting a car, you will decide on your own where to stay, what to see, and how long to be in a particular place. And your children will thank you for the opportunity to admire the beautiful views for longer. Renting a Mercedes V Class Dubai is the best option for a family trip. Evolve is one of the leading car rental companies in Dubai. Each client is guaranteed high-quality service, easy-to-order and cheap car rental.

What to take a child to Dubai 

Of course, the presence of a child during a vacation causes a lot of trouble. Therefore, most parents, when planning a trip, leave their child with their grandparents. But thanks to the experience of many families vacationing with children in Dubai, we can safely say: a trip with a child can be comfortable and even pleasant, only careful preparation is necessary.

Going on vacation, you need to:

  • plan a route
  • find a suitable hotel. 

After you have made your choice, prepare all the necessary documents. Since it takes a long time, take care of it in advance. 

What documents are required to enter the UAE?

  • International passport. Important: its validity period must be at least 6 months from the beginning of the planned trip; 
  • The child’s passport. This applies to citizens of Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Russians can paste photos of children into one of the old-style parental passports; 
  • Your child’s birth certificate. This is necessary if the parents have different surnames. In addition, this document is necessary to confirm the family ties and travel of children without parents or with one of them;
  • Visas; 
  • A travel package including round-trip air tickets, a voucher confirming a hotel reservation, and an international medical policy; 
  • Money and credit cards;
  • The presence of a negative PCR test for COVID-19, the result of which was obtained in a certified laboratory of the country of departure no later than 72 hours before the flight. Regarding quarantine, you can find out more at the embassy of your country, as the rules change periodically;
  • Those planning to rent a car need a driver’s license with an indication of the category that allows you to drive a car. You can read the guide to driving a car in Dubai in this article.

For your safety, it is recommended to make copies of all documents. 


Dubai is one of the hottest cities in the world. In summer, the temperature reaches +40°С, and in autumn and winter it drops to +15°С. Based on this, it is believed that the best time to rest with a child is the period from October to March.

What should children take on vacation? It is necessary on average 2 sets of change of clothes per day, if the child is small, namely: 

– underwear – one or two sets per day; 

– t-shirts, T-shirts, shorts for boys and girls;

– dress and skirts for girls; 

– a jacket or a windbreaker with a hood and long sleeves, trousers and/or jeans. They will be needed during evening walks, especially in winter; 

– swimsuit, swimming trunks for the pool; 

– light suit with long sleeves, preferably linen;

– a headdress that protects from the sun; 

– beach shoes; sandals, sandals, light sneakers or moccasins to walk around the city and go on excursions.

Remember that air conditioners are used in public places. Therefore, so that the child does not get sick, light sweaters with long sleeves will be a salvation. 

However, in addition to clothes, an important aspect of your rest is the medicines you or your child need. You can easily buy basic medicines in pharmacies in Dubai without a prescription.

We hope that our recommendations will help you. We wish you a good time and lots of bright moments and unforgettable impressions! 

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