The Effects Of Social Media On Fashion

Is undeniable that social media has affected society, and in many different ways; health, relationships, and, of course, fashion. But how did it change how we see fashion? Are all the side effects just bad? Can it change the future of fashion?

There is a huge list of effects caused by social media, and I will start with one of my favorites: the decentralization of those who dictate fashion. Since the rise of the concept of what is understood by fashion, information was shared in small groups, which produced and dictated what the public should or should not wear. Although gatekeeping still exist in this environment, social media has helped to democratize and open up this universe a little more to people who were not welcome before. One of the effects of this decentralization is that today we see more bodies and different styles, and this was also reflected in the mainstream media and fashion houses.

The “welcoming” provided by social media also brought to the fore the debate about who dictates trends. What are the criteria? Originally, trends were mostly studied by the WGSN group, and then this knowledge was shared with major brands that interpreted them and brought them to fashion weeks. With the advent of social networks, trends are also dictated by influencers and other small niches.

And, although it is great that more people are setting trends, there are also a few sides effects that are not that great, for our minds or for the world. Since the growth of platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok, it is possible to notice that the trend cycle has been shortened, and the emergence of microtrends has been increasingly recurrent. In a matter of months or even weeks, a piece can go from its peak to its decline. As we spend more time looking at different profiles and feeds, our brain tends to tire of that piece faster. Another consequence is consumerism because when you get tired of these trends more quickly, you feel the need to replace them. And, one of the cheapest ways to do this is to buy from fast fashions, which do not have an ethical production chain.

But, how to mitigate the negative effects of the advance of social media? The solution is simple, but it requires a lot of studying: consuming content from the platforms with a purpose. And one of the ways to do that is to know your own style. In this article, you can find out how to do it.

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