5 Quirky Etsy Gifts To Get For Your Valentine

It’s so hard to figure out what to get for your partner on their birthday, let alone Valentines’ Day.  Of course, there are always the standard chocolates and flowers on Valentines’ Day, but what if you want something a bit quirkier? Well, take a look at some of these quirky Etsy products, where you can give a gift from the heart, made by a small business that puts their heart into their products. 

Product 1: Quirky Cutlery 

This Etsy shop named SignedByCharlie are selling these quirky forks with a quote embedded into them. If your partner loves puns, then this is the gift for you, the quote is: “I forking love you” with a little heart. 

Product 2: Valentines Mug 

If your partner is a fan of Lord of the Rings then this is a perfect quirky gift for them. This Etsy shop named HesDurkanShop are selling mugs with Golem holding some red Roses and heart-shaped balloons. They also have his memorable quote on the mugs: “You are ‘my precious.’” 

Product 3: Fortune Cookie

This cute little hand-sewn fortune cookie is being sold by the Etsy store, LittletoadstoolShop. As well as receiving this cute little fortune cookie, you can also personalize a little message for your partner to go alongside. 

Product 4: Comic Book Rose

If your partner is into comic books and loves flowers, then this is a great gift.  Instead of giving your partner a flower that will eventually wilt away, give them a long-lasting flower made out of comic book pages. This Etsy store named AlanaPhoenixandCo sells all kinds of hand-cut and shaped flowers, that are perfect as long-lasting flowers for any occasion. 

Product 5: Takeaway Dice

What better gift to give your partner than takeaway dice, the Etsy shop, Hamford3D sells these. How many times have you struggled to figure out what to order in or what restaurant to go out to? Well, with this gift, Valentines’ Day will be much easier, there is no need for the fuss about what to eat, as these dice will figure that out for you and will help you out for many date nights to come. 

Whatever you decide to get your partner for Valentines’ Day, it’s clear that there are many options out there more than just the standard clichés. However, nothing is going to beat just spending the day with each other.