How to save on cheap home furniture for your first apartment 

Many universities require Freshman students, and sometimes Sophomores as well, to reside on campus. Rather than being a simple money grab, living on campus has proven to improve student outcomes and graduation rates. 

Unfortunately, dorm living is also quite expensive, so when you are no longer required to live on campus you should take advantage of the decrease in expenses by moving into a nearby apartment instead. Some students feel better in a studio or small one-bedroom apartment in which they can be fully self-sufficient. 

Others may feel better in a two or three-bedroom apartment or home shared with roommates. This option is often the most attractive because you can decrease your bills while getting more freedom, and you still have the comradery of your roommates.

In either case, when you make that move you’re going to have to get some furniture to suit the situation. You have several options for cheap home furniture on 1SB. 

Look for inexpensive mid-century modern furniture

The mid-century modern interior design style is primarily about minimalism, clean lines, bold colors, and décor accessories. One of the advantages of this trend is that this furniture is often less expensive than more stately traditional or transitional pieces. 

Mid-century modern furniture comes in matched sets that make it easy to design your bedroom or any common area. If you are sharing an apartment with others, make sure that you get the input and permission of other roommates, particularly if you did not know them before you moved in.

Check out clearance sections

Eclectic interior design is in. What does that mean? It basically means that anything goes. Of course, you don’t want to get things that will harshly contrast each other, but you should be able to find many items that compliment each other. The shabby chic look is basically born from this eclectic design concept. In the end, you’re going to be able to find a mix and match furniture for lower prices when you shop online clearance sections.

Order online for additional savings

All furniture stores offer sales and opportunities for additional savings, but online furniture stores tend to hold these sale events much more frequently. You can also get special deals like free delivery, although some online furniture retailers may have minimum purchase limits or other requirements to qualify. 

When you order your furniture from your local furniture store, you are almost always going to pay for delivery. Your local store does offer white-glove delivery, usually with trustworthy and clean employees that can bring your furniture inside and place it just as you want it so that you have no effort. 

Online furniture stores probably aren’t going to give you that level of service, but you could save several hundred dollars just in shipping fees when you buy online. Some online stores still offer white-glove delivery services through the enlistment of local retailers or delivery companies. For young adults on a tight budget, the cost savings is much more preferable to convenience, especially if you are able to move the furniture around on your own with ease.