10 Effective Tips To Help You Study Smarter

Good learning habits can be a life savior for anyone enrolled in college or university. Studying doesn’t seem like such a burden if you know how to do an assignment or prepare for an exam easily. This is possible if you remember some tricks, so here are the ten best tips for you to study smarter.

Plan out Your Time

Having a strategy is very important when it comes to studying. Planning everything out might be the best way to make the process easier, so create a study calendar, where you can outline what you need to do or prepare for in the near future. Making to-do lists is also helpful, as well as setting reminders on your phone.

Do Everything Step by Step

We’ve all been there: it’s the night before the exam, and you don’t know anything. Trying to squeeze in all the information into your brain at once doesn’t work that well. It’s essential to start preparing for something at least a week or two in advance, so you’ll have some time to process everything you’ve learned.

Organize Your Notes

Taking notes in class can get hectic, as some teachers don’t really care if you’re able to keep up with them. If you like to shorten words or your notebooks just get messy, take some time to rewrite the text. Having lectures that are readable and clear will be a lifesaver when it’s time for your exams.

Take a Few Brakes

When you finally decide to sit down and study, take a few breaks along the way. It might seem like you’ll be better off finishing everything as quick as possible, but that will most likely lead to overworking. Having five to ten minutes to rest is especially important if you study for a long time, so let yourself occasionally have a snack or check your phone.

Review and Revise

Practice makes perfect, that’s for sure. Reviewing the material from previous semesters or looking at the mistakes you’ve made in your last test may be a huge benefit. Having regular revisions allows you to refresh the knowledge in your brain, so be sure to include this step into your study routine.

Get Some Help

Don’t be afraid to turn to someone for help. If you’re having trouble with something, chances are your friends, partner or parents have some expertise in that specific area. Arranging a study session with your classmates can be an amazing idea too, as you can help each other with different subjects.

Become a Teacher Yourself

If you’re already pretty confident in your knowledge but still don’t feel ready to pass an exam or make a presentation, imagine that you are a teacher. Explaining something to your friend or significant other will help you remember the most important points and be 100% sure that you’ve mastered that information.

Play Music for Concentration

If you’ve ever studied in a library or a very quiet room, you know that the silence almost feels a bit uncomfortable at times. Music can seem a distraction at first, but it’s a great tool to concentrate and be more productive. Choose a lo-fi or instrumental playlist, as such songs will help you focus and prevent from distracting.

Reward Yourself

Everybody likes getting rewards, so why not incorporating them into your study process as an incentive to keep working? For example, choose a treat you enjoy, like chocolate or gummy bears, and take a piece for every page you read. This is an easy way to turn studying into a game and make it more fun.

Stay Motivated

When you’re tired or don’t feel good, it can be hard to find a reason to study. At times like this, think about the feeling you get when you ace a test or get a high final mark for a subject. Studying is also an excellent self-discipline exercise, so remember that you’ll thank yourself when you know how to manage your time or prepare for a project in the future.