What is a Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting

1. What Is a Diamond Solitaire?

A diamond solitaire is normally a ring with a single stone. This stone is set in special prongs that allow light to pierce the stone underneath as well as through the top of the stone. In the case of a diamond, which is the most luminescent stone, this allows your diamond to be the center of attention.

2. The Lone Diamond

For a diamond, one must look at the four Cs of cut, clarity, color, and carat weight to choose the perfect diamond. Let’s look at each of these qualities of diamonds.

A cut can make a diamond look quite different since the level of luminescence will vary with the cut. 

A cut can also be tall or flattened. Generally, if wearing the ring all the time, a lower cut helps the ring to avoid damage to prongs which can cause the loss of the stone. Your stone can be cut in several shapes, including circular, square, or teardrop. Any of these will look great in your ring.

Clarity is the clearness of the stone. Most diamonds have small impurities that can affect the appearance of the stone. A top-quality diamond will have no impurities or none that can be seen with the naked eye. A diamond with black spots or streaks does not look well set in a ring. Fortunately, most diamonds offered for sale for a ring have high clarity.

Color is the color of the diamond. Very few diamonds are clear even though they may look that way. Most diamonds are actually a bit yellow or a bit blue even though they still look clear. The less color in the diamond the greater it sparkles in the light.

Carat weight is a special weight system that is used for diamonds and other jewelry components. Most solitaire diamond rings start at about ½ caret and go on up to 2 or 3 carats. The huge rings that are worn by celebrities may be 5 to 10 carats.

3. Why Choose a Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring?

A diamond solitaire engagement ring is a classic and timeless choice. It is a simple but elegant choice. A single stone shows the ring was chosen for a very special purpose, not simply a ring to be worn when someone dresses up for the evening. This is an engagement ring designed to be worn for many years. That’s why choosing such a timeless piece shouldn’t be a spur of the moment decision; instead you should research your options and find a jewelry store that’ll answer to the task properly.

4. Solitaire Settings for Every Shape

There are a variety of settings that your diamond can be displayed with. You are not held to simply a singular shape. Depending on the size of your diamond, you may need more prongs to secure it. Some common shapes include rectangular, triangular, or stones that are pointed on both sides.


A diamond solitaire engagement ring is universally recognized as a timeless engagement ring. It will work with any type of metal ring you choose, wide or thin. This is a popular, favorite design.