Modern dating: the best ways of getting to know your special one

What are the wishes of an average modern person? Perhaps, to be famous or have a fabulous career, above all. We all have been climbing the social ladder to achieve triumph ever since our teenage years and often forget about other, no less essential matters in life…

Finding great love – that’s what lonely hearts truly want. But where can you get to know someone? What are the best ways of finding your special one? Here is the list of options every single person in 2022 has.  

What about the Internet?

A significant part of social life is shifted to the Internet nowadays. So your search should definitely take place there too. The range of dating providers is huge. You can find a Ukrainian bride on or get to know a girl from your city just for a one-night stand. A better opportunity than the Internet, therefore, couldn’t be imagined! 

The World Wide Web is a great help, especially for those singles who do not live in metropolitan areas. Calm personalities who don’t like going to parties have the chance to meet someone in peace and without social pressure. Everyone on the Internet is equally extroverted or introverted, shy or loud. By the way: The parents of Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) met through a newspaper announcement, the forerunner of the dating websites.

Do not be afraid to join the events for singles!

Some people would never in their lives go to events for singles – and it’s absolutely wrong. But what is so off-putting about it? Men and women meet there in a similar life situation, with the same questions and concerns. Of course, everyone secretly wishes to get to know his future spouse, like in a romantic movie scene. It doesn’t happen very often, though. 

Anyway, such events are definitely worth your attention. It is just a stereotype that beautiful ladies don’t go there. 

Try to get to know friends of your friends.

Bring a friend – this could be a good motto for the next party with your mates. The probability that they know someone who has a lot in common with you is pretty high. 

At parties and dance evenings, it is crucial to get into conversation with everyone, and especially with those you don’t know yet. Also, you shouldn’t pay attention only to those women who are active and talkative – focus on the shy girls instead. Who knows which treasures have been overlooked?

Remember that real-life still exists. 

Real-life offers plenty of opportunities – but location matters. You can meet new people almost everywhere. But please remember: not all places are equally good! What is written on the package is also hidden inside: the spot partly determines the type of singles who go there. So let your interests guide you! It’s actually quite logical, though. When you do things that harmonize with your hobbies, you automatically meet people with a similar mindset.

What if we say that you already know your future girlfriend? 

It is always good to take a double look at people who already are in your social circle – for many men, it is like scales falling from their eyes! So doing this simple thing can suddenly broaden your dating horizons – trust us!  

It feels absolutely shocking if you discover that your dream woman is your good friend or colleague. The one you know, in person for a very long time. Sometimes we just don’t consider these people potential partners, and that’s a mistake. Thus, be honest with yourself right now. Is there a girl you find attractive? 

P.S.: wives and girlfriends of your male friends don’t count.