5 Ways To Appreciate Your Fellow Women 

Although International Women’s Day (on the 8th March) is not an official holiday in the United States, the month of March is still Women’s History Month. The month of March is used to highlight women’s contributions to events in history and society. Although not officially recognised, there are ways you can appreciate your fellow women, whether it be through celebrating women in history or simply caring for yourself or your friends. 

How to 1: Visit a Women’s Museum 

Fashionable Woman Looking At A Display Of Paintings Of Female


There are various museums that focus on women’s contributions to history or inventions all over the world. What better way to celebrate women’s history month than by going to a museum that celebrates women’s history. Several of these are right here in the US, such as the Sackler Centre at the Brooklyn Museum, which features exclusively feminist art. The International Women’s Air & Space Museum in Cleveland or even the National Susan B. Anthony Museum and House in Rochester, New York. 

How to 2: Host a Women’s Night 

Two Happy Female Friends Having A Pamper Day With Breakfast Together In Bed


Grab some of your female friends and/or family members and host a women’s night. This could range from a pamper night using products you buy from small businesses owned by women or have a movie night with films directed by women. 

How to 3: Give a gift 

Happy Women's Day! Child Daughter, Mum and Grandmother all have Tulips


You can simply appreciate your female family members by giving them a gift they will appreciate. Whether it be through giving them flowers, making a jar full of positive affirmations for them or perhaps a book about female empowerment. But, it shouldn’t just be about gifts, you should spend the day together and celebrate your achievements in life. 

How to 4: Support Women-Owned Businesses 

Young Woman Working In Clothes Shop Leaning On Counter


If you want to treat yourself or someone else then one way you can do that is by supporting a female-owned business. Not only are you appreciating yourself, but you’re also helping uplift another woman by giving to her business. It is especially appreciated when it is a small business where most products are hand-made and the business is normally run by just one person. 

How to 5: Support a Women’s Non-profit 

A Woman's Hand Adding A Pound Coin To A Glass Jar With Coins Labelled Period Poverty


If you want to make a big contribution to supporting women, you can help a non-profit women’s charity, whether it’s through donating clothes you no longer need to Women’s Shelters where many have nothing. Or by donating financially to help others in need around the world. Such as Period Poverty, where you can donate money to them in order to get period products sent to countries where they don’t have access to them. 

Many countries around the world have different traditions to celebrate this day. In Italy, they give women small yellow flower mimosas, whilst many other countries focus on marches, activism speeches and events or discussions. However you choose to celebrate this month, it is important we all empower our fellow women and help when we can.

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