5 Nutritious Meal Ideas To Keep You Healthy

March is National Nutrition Month, which is an annual campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The campaign encourages people to make informed food choices, that develop a habit of healthy eating and also promotes physical activity. When people see healthy, they see salads or bland boring food but these nutritious meal ideas and foods will amaze your tastebuds! 

Meal 1: Tomato Vodka Rigatoni 

Tomato Rigatoni Pasta On White Plate On A Gray Stone


This recipe is super easy to make and combines two great ingredients, pasta, and alcohol. This is a great recipe to start with to get into healthier eating habits, it still provides comfort to your tastebuds and tastes great. If you want to make it more balanced, then you can add a source of protein, like chicken (lean meat), and add some veggies, perhaps spinach, which goes perfectly with pasta and is considered a superfood.  

Meal 2: Baked Salmon

Fried Salmon Fillet With Fried Potatoes Lime And Vegetable Salad


This baked salmon recipe is full of flavor and is full of nutrients. Salmon is one of the healthiest foods you can eat if done correctly, it is known to contribute to heart health, lower cholesterol, and can help maintain blood pressure. You can pair salmon with almost anything to help serve up a balanced nutritional meal, such as risotto, Mediterranean vegetables, or pasta. 

Meal 3: Simple Chicken Roast 

Chicken Thighs Roasted With Tomatoes And Garlic


This simple chicken roast works great for a balanced family meal. A roast is a great way to get a meal that’s nutritious, as it combines everything, protein, carbs, and vegetables. Plus this simple roast only requires one tray, which helps with washing dishes; arguably the worst part about cooking. 

Meal 4: Egg Roll Bowls

Vietnamese Cha Gio Egg Roll Vermicelli Bowl


This recipe turns the typically unhealthy Chinese takeaway staple, spring rolls into a healthy but delicious meal. Instead of having to wrap up ingredients into spring rolls, you can simply cook the insides of the spring roll; the pork and veggies. Or alternatively, you can simply swap out the pork for a meatless substitute if you want to make it vegetarian. 

Meal 5: Mint Lamb & Broccoli 

Grilled Lamb Chops Marinated With Mint


This recipe can serve as a great alternative for steak and you could even use this recipe for a fancy date night at home. This recipe has been paired with various different vegetables and has a delightful mint pesto and lemon dressing on top. You could also add some simple boiled potatoes with dressing on top or perhaps even some diced rosemary potatoes.  

These recipes are a great way to start making informed healthy food choices, which can help improve your current lifestyle. If you are struggling with figuring out a healthy eating plan, you can see a nutritionist to help come up with a plan for you. This may be especially helpful if you don’t have a great relationship with food, as well as a therapist to help make those necessary steps or changes.

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