How Online Hooking Up Impacts your Mental Health

Obviously, the virtual world has changed the way people meet and even date. Along with the coronavirus pandemic, adult dating websites have become more popular. The concept of creating a profile on a hookup website is straightforward; you need an attractive picture, some basic personal information, and an interesting bio. The app sets you with some profiles to choose from, and that’s where your journey of finding a one-night stand starts. It sounds pretty good, but in reality, there are some serious damages to mental health that precedes the process of tripping over a mutual liking. Also, check these adult dating websites to know the safest websites out there.

Fear of rejection 

People don’t like being told “No,” no matter how mature they are. Rejection has a negative emotional effect; when exposed intermittently in life, you will be able to recover quickly, but as adult dating apps represent a large community of potential casual partners, the pressure will increase, and getting accepted will turn into a need.  

When time flies and the user doesn’t get any replies, and no one shows any interest at all, the feeling of rejection and ignorance will start growing. It might lead to anxiety, or even worse, and could develop into depression, refusing any kind of communication. 

Poor body image 

Basically, hooking up apps display a picture of potential partners to choose from, leaving the user to decide based on images. It means users will mostly depend on the profile’s attractiveness rather than personality. Therefore, it may provoke many users to resort to extreme methods to improve their look, as they think they are not beautiful. Some may put their life in danger through bad diets or misusing fat bills; others could spend huge sums on plastic surgeries, exposing themselves to body dysmorphia and wasting money that they need. All that to try getting more likes and matches, even though they don’t need to change a thing. 

Experience “Ghosting”

The “Ghosting” phenomenon can cause a lot of pain and disturbance, as the user experiences a sudden abandonment without previous notice. After getting a match and exchanging messages, the user will become enthusiastic about meeting. Then the other party will stop replaying and simply disappear, leaving a big question mark with no explanation, which could be devastating to many users, especially when they start thinking nobody wants to spend the night with them due to how they look.

Fall into fraud

Some adult dating websites impose many verification procedures, yet you will never be sure about the dignity of your match. Many scammers upload a fake picture to their profile to look more attractive, then pull out a trick to steal money from different users. Some scammers mean no harm as they do it for fun, but they do not consider the mental and emotional damage they do.  

Lose self-esteem 

Going through all the psychological stress of adult dating apps, people will doubt their physical features or communication skills. Thus, they start to question if they are “good enough” or lose hope of finding a casual partner. All those bad online dating experiences and rejection will negatively affect the user’s mental health, causing loss of self-trust and introversion. On the other hand, adult dating apps make you “judge the book by its cover”, putting you in the bad guy’s shoe and potentially making you unintentionally hurt others.

Addiction and Obsession 

The desire to obtain approval resides within us as human beings, and hookup apps have become a way to achieve it. As more matches the user gets, the urge for more will generate, or quit the opposite, the user will be willing to stay swiping profiles and move between different dating apps seeking acceptance from others. A problem like adult dating apps addiction and being obsessed with them result in the collapse of the user’s life by wasting time and energy. 

Weird first date 

The goal of online hooking up is to skip all the steps and get directly to the third base. This moment can either be the spark of a long-term casual relationship you have ever dreamed about or the stone that wakes you up from a dream. Whereas high expectations can be shocked by disappointing reality.


You need to remember that online hooking up is not always honest, so take small steps towards the potential casual partner carefully. Moreover, you should build a wall of self-trust by loving yourself and realizing how great of a person you are. If you ever felt that online adult dating could affect your mental health or someone you know, do not hesitate to get the help of an expert psychologist to avoid depression and mental illness.  

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