Classic Card Games to Play Online with a Standard Deck

Card games have entertained people for almost as long as civilization and have always been a great way to pass the time. Additionally, card games have always been adopted as a tool to socialise (unless those gambling with money). 

Some believe they originated in 9th century China before eventually moving to the West to become the standard 52 card deck we all recognize and love. Some card games are played for real money in casinos in Australia.

Point is:
There are all sorts of things card games are for and can be used for.

These card games range from straightforward to complex, and all can be played with a standard 52-card deck. 

Most card games are multiplayer card games and can be scaled up or down to accommodate more or fewer players, and the games mentioned here are no exception. There are variations for three or more people; however, they’re at their best when you play with just two.

As the internet rose to become a household standard, these card games also made the transition to the internet, giving players the ability to challenge one another over vast distances. 

Now players don’t have to struggle to find someone who played the same card games; these days, it is as simple as logging in and finding someone to challenge.

Below are some classic card games you can play online 


This game doesn’t take long to play, and the rules are rather easy to learn. Although there is a dramatic possibility of starting badly on the game, there are still chances of winning the games and vice versa. 

Codenames were designed by Vlaada Chvatil and released in 2015.

The game splits players into teams; on each team, one player is made the spymaster and must provide one-world clues for their teammates.

The spymaster clue helps teammates guess as many words as possible from the grid of words; however, only players that score their team points as some words will score the other team points.

There is an assassin word that will end the game instantly. 


The game shares a lot in common with games derived from the Magic formula; however, it can stand out as a brilliant solo and multiplayer experience. 

Each leader card in Shadowverse represents a different deck, and each deck has a unique play style that makes experimenting with every type fun for newcomers. 

It is derived from anime inspirations, making for some funny plot points in the story mode, but it’s also got some of the best card graphics and artworks of all online card games. 

They also have a monetisation system that is sometimes ignored in favour of its gameplay rewards system if a player wants to keep playing the game for free. 


Not many games have endured the test of time and are classics decades after their initial release. UNO has had various forms of digital versions dating back to the days of the Gameboy Colour. 

UNO is one of the most accessible games to play online; this makes it easy for families to play together. The goal of UNO is to empty your hand of cards before every other player. This simple goal can be impeded in different ways, either by miscalculations or meddling from other players.

Other online card games include The Lord of the Rings: the Adventure Card Game, Tabletop Simulator Mods, Smash Up, and more.