Lil Baby Girlfriend 2023: Who is Lil Baby Dating Now?

If you are a fan of hip-hop, you might have heard of the upcoming artist Lil Baby. He is one of the few artists that blew up in a short amount of time. Lil Baby’s name started reaching many during 2018 with his song, “Drip too Hard.” A fast-growing artist with hot records will make you curious about his love life. His social media does not give many clues on any love interests, but he does show love to his 2 sons publicly.

February 2020, Lil Baby interviewed with Wallo267 where he was asked, “When did love become a part of your life where you started respecting it when you look at women as love?” Lil Baby responded with “It is more like having someone have your back.” He feels like he can stay around the bros all day and deal with another female because he believes that they have his back. He then follows up with, “I’m not too deep on love, not right now. If I f*ck with you, I f*ck with you, but I can deal with you and not love you.” He feels like he has to protect himself because a lot comes with him, so he can’t just love anybody.

Jayda Cheaves

The mother of his most recent child, Jayda Cheaves, is the latest love story we know about. Their relationship began around 2016 before Lil Baby became who he is now. Lil Baby may not have posted Jayda, but she would be seen with him publicly and was active behind the scenes. In an interview with DJ Smallz in 2018, Jayda speaks on how she would be in the studio with him all night. When Lil Baby was not taking rap seriously, she was one of the people that told him he was going to make it big.

After the interview with Wallo267, social media began to buzz with confusion because many believed Lil Baby was still dating Jayda Cheaves. Fans bombarded Jayda with questions asking her to explain and she responded with, “Explain what? Y’all heard that man clear.” Then followed up with, “Thru all the bs I still Maintain” and “Lol I don’t even get the explanation but I guess it works.” This led fans to realize Jayda did not expect to be blindsided by Lil Baby’s comment.

On March 5th, Jayda took back to twitter and said, “Stop trying to piece together this man interviews, songs etc because we’re no longer in a relationship. We’re also not beefing so plz stop with the negativity. It’s no bad blood on my end. & the main focus right now is that we have a 1 year old to raise. That’s it. That’s all.”
On April 26th, The Shade Room reported Lil Baby and Jayda had breakfast together due to them both posting an identical breakfast layout. Then on Mother’s Day, Jayda posted the very expensive gifts she received, and fans took to the comments believing Lil Baby did all of that in attempts of winning Jayda back. They do have a baby together so we can’t assume they are back together. Lil Baby interviewed in February on The Morning Hustle, where he explained, “Even if we not in a relationship like boyfriend and girlfriend type sh*t, we got a relationship because we got a kid. We got a small kid so we gotta kick it no matter what.” That was the rapper’s way of saying to not jump to conclusions if you do spot them together.

The two of them do not follow each other on social media. So as far as we knew, Lil Baby was single and simply co-parenting with Jayda Cheaves but a picture surfaced on Memorial Day of Jayda and Lil Baby kissing. It seems like they are together, but they are trying to not show too much to the public.