How to Promote Instagram Store

Today we will analyze the best and affordable ways to promote your online store on Instagram (both paid and free), which will significantly increase conversion and increase the number of subscribers and customers.

  • Create masks

  • It is quite simple to make it by downloading the Spark AR application to your computer. The name of the created mask and the corresponding account will be displayed at the top of the story, so users can immediately go to your store profile.

    It is advisable to think over the concept of the mask in advance, how exactly it will be connected with the theme of the store and the products offered. Remember, your AR mask should not only be entertaining and pleasing to the eye, it should increase sales and build a clear association with your brand.

    The mask can have an online store logo or an effect that matches the style of your products. Thanks to this, the recognition of your account will increase and attract new customers, making excellent advertising. You can also popularize your own AR mask through targeting by inserting a direct link to the promoted visual effect in the ad.

  • Create guides or checklists

  • Since the trend of general organization and productivity is gaining momentum, such lists are of great interest to subscribers. Publish them in accordance with the theme of your online store, give them as a gift for a subscription or like, and get a valuable increase in customers. Group guides into guides in your profile settings for easy navigation.

  • Advertising with bloggers

  • One of the most effective promotion techniques is advertising with bloggers, influencers and other popular people. They have a live trusting audience that can become regular customers of your store.

    The main thing is to choose a person corresponding to the specifics of the store, with whom you can build a long-term cooperation. By contacting him, find out the current price, the possibility of bartering and other important conditions for you. By the way, the easiest way to find bloggers is through advertising exchanges on Instagram.

    Advertising can be both in stories and in a post: stories attract attention and are more accessible, while posts contain more information and are added to bookmarks. You can find the right person through existing exchanges that act as intermediaries between bloggers and advertisers.

  • One-time receipt of a certain number of subscribers

  • If you want to pay less but are guaranteed to get the required amount of audience, you can buy Instagram followers. As a rule, few people talk about this method, because there is an opinion in society that it is wrong and dishonest. However, it is not.

    Now there are many services that specialize in analyzing and collecting the accounts of people who are ready to subscribe to various bloggers and continue to be active there. You may also take advantage of Instagram stalker apps to research about how people are doing advertisements of similar products like yours.

    Today you can choose a service that will allow you to buy real Instagram followers, which you can select using a filter (gender, age, preferences, and so on). So you can increase your target audience one-time.

  • Holding contests

  • Through contests, you can increase the number of subscribers, likes, comments and declare yourself as a competitive unit. When creating contests, follow these rules and recommendations:

  • Announcement. Create a catchy post or story about the competition, its conditions and terms. It is advisable to set a short time frame of 5-7 days so that the participants do not lose interest;
  • Relevant photo. Upload an appropriate image: it should grab attention and not get lost in the feed. For example, it can be a laconic inscription, or a photo of a prize to warm up interest;
  • Gifts. Choose worthy gifts for the winners that will show your store and products in the best light;
  • Winner selection. Ensure transparency in summing up, since the honesty and reputation of your online store are above all.
  • Targeted advertising

  • Thanks to the targeting, your online store will be able to find real customers who are directly interested in your products and services. This type of advertising independently adjusts to algorithms and interests, removing a huge number of tasks and problems from you.

    Targeting collects information about users by analyzing cookies, after which it selects a target audience that matches the characteristics of your store and the products offered.