How to Vape: Vaping Advice for Beginners

Considering the modern world of vaping is only about a decade old, it is bound to be head-scratching for many. Reading this, you are either transitioning from smoking or keen to try something new. Either way, vaping can feel somehow unnatural. The endless number of online vaping kits also doesn’t seem to help when deciding. Not to talk of numerous disinformation from makers and marketers trying to beat completions. 

Regardless of all that, vaping is a less harmful alternative yet offers the same experience as smoking. Getting your device from a reliable online vape store is the first step to making the most of the vaping experience. Whether you have your vaping kits ready or contemplating purchasing one, some beginner tips, advice, and information will be handy to maximize the experience. That way, you are confident in buying a high-quality vaporizer that suits your style. 

How To Vape Properly

Vaping is very similar to smoking. Only this time, fewer chemicals and contaminants are inhaled when using a vaping device. Though they come in various styles, some are more sophisticated than others, vaping has no steep learning curve. There are two ways to vape, and neither is hard to use. However, how you want to inhale may be a significant factor in the types of devices you go out for. And that also should depend on your experience. 

Mouth To Lung Hit

 It is essential to control the amount of vapor you let into your lungs if you are a beginner. Mouth To Lung vape seems more realistic smoking sensation and is suited for newcomers. With this drawing technique, you draw a better throat hit into the mouth before transferring the vapor to the lung. You also draw to activate the vape, and the amount of vapor you want should determine how much pressure you put into it. Those that want to quit smoking are better off with the two mouth-to-lung devices on the market: pod devices or pen devices.

Direct To Lung 

DTL vape can be a lot to swallow for inexperienced vapers, both literally and figuratively, and lead to coughing. Experienced vapers lean toward direct-to-lung inhaling. With less resistance and looser airflow, they are served with denser vapors. A sub-ohm system used in the types of vape requires you to activate with a press of a button and then take a deep breath. The vapor is transferred directly to the lungs. 

Vaping Tips for Beginners

Invest in Premium Vape

When buying a vape for the first time, it may seem logical to go for the cheapest brands. More often than not, penny-pinching might only afford you a poor-quality vape with cheap e-liquid filled with impurities. To afford such mistakes that may cost you a visit to the hospital and doctor bills, stick to premium quality vapes from recognized brands. Such a brand guarantees you food-grade ingredients medical-grade material approved by the appropriate Vaping Regulatory Authority. You should pay the same attention to what you inhale in your food. The only way to guarantee that is to buy from a brand that manufactures in an ISO-certified lab and complies with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Do your research!

Choose The Flavor For You

Besides lesser health risks, the availability of an expansive range of different vape tastes and flavors is one reason to swap smoking for vaping. Most people trying to quit smoking want to stay close to home. Regular tobacco or menthol flavor lets you recreate the smoking experience yet stay away from it. A wide variety of fruity flavors, including strawberry, orange, mango, to mention a few, provide a broad option for beginners. You will most likely find a vapor copy of your favorite beverages, dessert, fruit, snack, and more in most vape stores. It is up to you.

Consider The PG/VG Ratios

A typical e-liquid contains Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine, and flavorings, which can be artificial or natural. Many brands infuse nicotine salt to satisfy the cravings of ex-smokers. Non-smokers that only want to feel cool or experience the famous vaping sensation for recreation are better off with zero nicotine vaporizers. 

The Propylene Glycol creates the ‘throat hit’ while Vegetable Glycerine produces the cloud effect. Knowing the PG/VG ratio of vape devices gives you an idea of the taste and the cloud effect you will be getting. Vapes with higher VG guarantee you a denser smoke and clearer hit with a more enjoyable flavor and taste. A higher amount of PG means pleasurable smoking sensation and satisfaction. 

Know Your Optimal Nicotine Level 

Getting the nicotine strength in your vape device right is arguably the most crucial tip when transitioning from smoking to vaping. The question of how much nicotine you need can be tricky. The answer lies in how long you smoked, the number of cigarettes per day, lung capacity, and even your body mass. All these places against the nicotine concentration in your vaping device take you closer to knowing the optimal nicotine level.

When starting on the journey of quitting smoking, equalling or increasing your nicotine intake is the best advice. Heavy smokers, who smoke over a pack in a day, may start from 18 to 20mg. 12mg of nicotine seems like a good start for average smokers who inhale a pack or less. 6mg is a good spot for level smokers, and those in the final stage of quitting can make do with 3mg. Social vapers and hobbyists need not go the nicotine route to feel cool. 

Keep Your Vape Clean

We wish we could leave this one out with so much to digest. But you have to maintain your vape, don’t you? The good news is your device may not need everyday cleaning since you will be careful with what you put in your mouth anyway. As you begin to dismantle and keep the battery dry all the way. Rinse the tank with lukewarm soapy water. As for the coil, give it a new lease of life with deep cleaning with water mixed with a bit of unflavored vodka. Dry them all and clean them with a dry napkin. These are necessary to keep the flavor intact and vapor clean from impurities. Rebuild everything just the way it was. Not all flavors go well together. Ensuring you clean your vape before replacement is vital to keep the taste pleasant. 

Wrapping It All Up

Deciding to start vaping is an excellent decision for an ex-smoker. The benefits are enormous, from reducing health risks, no bad breath, no more ashtray, no tar, and choosing your flavor and nicotine strength. Getting started only takes visiting a reliable vape store to select a vape device that suits you, which is often low maintenance and requires no setup knowledge. As a beginner, deciding on your first vaping device can get overwhelming. You can rarely get the wrong buying from a reputable store or manufacturer. 

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