Top 5 Websites You Should Shop For Your Next Bathing Suit

Bathing suit shopping: either the most anticipated or dreaded part of summer. There a million different styles, patterns, colors, and brands — but so many options lead to confusion! How do you figure out up from down? What’s trendy, and what’s not? Fortunately, social media helps us answer this.

Before the list begins, remember to buy bathing suits that you are confident and comfortable in; who cares about trends! Wear whatever you want, whenever you want. However, if you are indeed looking for those fashionable “influencer” bathing suits, I bet you can find them on these websites. Happy shopping!


I have been buying Aerie bathing suits for years and have never been disappointed. As a girl who loves patterns, Aerie is a go-to. When shopping, the key — here in particular — is to wait for a good deal: the website often has BOGO 50% off or Mix & Match promotions. Honestly, if you’re not buying when these bathing suits are on sale, you’re getting ripped off. These sales happen a few times each summer, so be on the look-out!

Also, let’s talk about Aerie’s marketing and social media: inclusive and representative of all body types. Aerie was one of the first major companies to implement this representation in their advertisements, and the world of bathing suits is better for it. Go Aerie!


Billabong truly understands the ocean-lovers. It’s so hard to shop for cute bathing suits that will stay put when swimming in the water — somehow, Billabong has mastered this balance.

Unlike Aerie, who curates bathing suits based upon trends, I feel as though Billabong has always been trendy — without ever trying too hard. Other companies look to Billabong and its success as a swimsuit brand. Now, you may not find unique one-piece cut-out bathing suits here, but you will surely find some summer bathing suit staples.

Frankies Bikinis


Frankies Bikinis are beautiful. Simply beautiful. This beauty, however, comes with a price — a pretty high one at that. While these bathing suits are expensive, the higher-quality material and trendy design are worth the money.

The bathing suit styles on this website are endless. Some bikini tops are made in ways I have never seen before — I just love it! You can get (basically) any color you want in any style you want. The only caveat to this is that these designer bathing suits sell-out quickly; oftentimes, you must be put on the waitlist to get the exact suit you want.

Nevertheless, that is just indicative of how popular and trendy this brand is! For true bathing suit aficionados, you must have a Frankies Bikini is your closet.



I know you have seen influencers wear these bathing suits — for good reason! The crocheted edges are so unique. I have searched for these bathing suits forever, but I couldn’t find the name for the longest time. But, I am here to share my research with you!

If you are looking to post some pretty bathing suit pictures on Instagram, look no further. These bathing suits are eye-catching and trendy, and sure to earn you those coveted “likes”.


This brand is truly one of a kind. They have patterns and fabrics I haven’t seen elsewhere, and I suppose that is how Triangl garnered so much popularity. The brand used to be popular for its black-trimmed bikinis, but as those went out of style, the bathing suits adapted. Now, you can shop for neon, mesh, and metallic bathing suits on their website.

Albeit pricey, Triangl sells well-made, trendy bathing suits that are perfect for days at the beach.

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