Math Problems That You Can Meet at College

Are you preparing for college? Do you want to know what math problems you might encounter and need to solve? Well, this depends on the subjects you choose to study. As the level of math is different from subject to subject, you may interact with math more or less. There are math education trends in the Canadian education system that begin to be implemented around the world. 

As the Canadian education system is among the highest ranking in the world and there is no wonder why. It emphasizes not only the knowledge students need to learn, but also their emotional intelligence. Which is so important when it comes to studying math. 

So, if you are among the students who want to see what math problems you can meet at college, you are in the right place. Read on to discover more about this topic. 

Professional Math Help

Before delving into the many math topics you might encounter while getting an education in college, it is important to highlight something. Many students start their college years with anxiety and low self-confidence. 

Every student is learning math in their own rhythm, so do not put pressure on yourself. However, it is crucial to be aware that every year, math only builds upon the previous one so you need to know the concepts learned the past year. For example, calculus equations. You can get professional help from experts that will help you understand even the most complex problems. Do not be afraid of asking for professional math help as this will help you progress and learn more. 


One of the math topics studied in college is algebra. This is a wide math topic and there are a lot of things you will study. A lot of concepts and topics are covered in algebra, among which are exponential functions, polynomial functions, coordinate systems, numbers, systems of equations and inequalities, zeros of polynomials, and many more. 

So, the algebra problems you may meet at college will be from these topics. If you ever feel you cannot handle the complexity of these math problems, do not be afraid of writing to professionals who can guide you. 

Calculus and Analysis 

The next math topic you will encounter during college is calculus and analysis. As mentioned above, math only builds upon the previous year. They will become more and more complex from year to year, so it is crucial to get additional help if you need it. 

Calculus and analysis topics include the study of limits, differential calculus, special functions and numbers, derivatives, integrals, and others. Of course, the problems will revolve around this, as these are topics mandatory for the math Olympiad too. 


Geometry might be a math topic you have studied in high school too. However, during college teachers delve deeper into the subject. So, you might meet some familiar problems that will only increase in complexity. College geometry covers a wide variety of topics, such as two and three-dimensional shapes, plane geometry, quadrilaterals, triangles, circles, proving triangles congruent, and so on. It is important to already know basic math and algebra functions to succeed in geometry. 

Math Intertwined Topics 

However, some students might decide to not study math during college but psychology, for example. All domains of life are deeply intertwined with math, so you cannot run away from it. However, the degree of complexity varies from subject to subject. 

If you study psychology, for sure you will learn statistics. Doing research, sending questionnaires to people, and analyzing the results requires math. So, you may end up studying a math topic but not math in pure form. Expect to see a wide diversity of math problems that will help you understand your study topic better. 

Final Thoughts 

College years can be challenging. Depending on the subject you choose to study, you may study a different part of math. For example, those who want to study informatics and math will probably delve the deepest into this subject. On the contrary, those who choose subjects such as psychology will interact with math only tangentially. 

Bio lines: James Collins is a content writer and journalist. He is passionate about math, astrophysics, and psychology. James loves spending his evening admiring the stars with his telescope.

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