6 Style Rules That Should Be Broken

Fashion magazines have been with us for over a century, providing a reliable reference point for what is hot in the fashion world. They also provide a forecast of what will be trending in the future for anyone looking to stay ahead of the pack. These publications gave ordinary folks insight into what ruling elites were wearing back in the day.

Today fashion mags provide a guideline to the modern woman (and man) on how to dress for the season. They offer valuable pointers on how anyone can create a look they can proudly and confidently wear regardless of the occasion.

However, what works for the models in the magazine may not work for you. And though the fashion rules magazines lay down are from leaders in the industry, they are not cast in stone.

Here are a few of the style commandments you will want to break as you create your signature look.

  1. Don’t Mix Metals

Mixing silver and gold has always been considered an unpardonable sin in fashion. But liberating yourself from this unwritten rule can help you express yourself in exciting new ways. You can add a unique, interesting accent to a neutral outfit with a mix of silver and gold or bronze bracelets.

Breaking with this myth will give you further leeway to play with the rest of your accessories. Instead of having to complete your outfit with stylish but predictable gold-framed glasses, for instance, you can opt for designer glasses frames with more interesting colors.

You can also opt for more outrageous shoe colors once you have broken out of the monochromatic metal box created by fashion gurus.

  1. Short Women Shouldn’t Wear Long Skirts

For a long time, fashion dictated that long skirts should be avoided by short women so that they would not appear shorter than they are. But this rule shouldn’t apply if you get the right fit. So long as it fits you well, you can go ahead and rock that maxi dress. It might even have the effect of making you appear taller.

If you fall into the 5’4″ and shorter category, experts recommend that your maxi dress or long skirt go no further than the top of your foot. It also shouldn’t be higher than your ankle. They also recommend that you have the dress professionally tailored and fitted so that it accentuates your natural curves.

  1. Don’t Wear White After Labor Day

The idea that you can’t wear such a universally loved color as white at certain times of the year must be challenged; you are likely to dress in white during the hot season or when you are geared for a day at the beach. It makes sense – black and dark colors tend to retain heat.

But winter whites are also a great look. As December approaches, begin to stock up on white turtlenecks, pullovers, and puff jackets. White gives an air of brightness and freshness that no other color can reproduce. So don’t rob yourself of your glow because of the Labor Day myth.

  1. Fitted Clothes Aren’t Flattering If You’re Plus Size

Good news: you don’t have to wear baggy, overflowing things that hide your frame if you’re a size six and above – dressing in a size or two larger clothes will have the opposite effect from what you desired. You may set out trying to hide your figure but end up looking even bigger.

A well-fitted dress or top-skirt combination will boost your confidence—select combinations of pieces that support your body well and make you feel comfortable. Freeing yourself from this rule will allow you to update your wardrobe with the latest trends. 

  1. Don’t Shop In The Men’s Section

This rule has been in existence ever since someone decided to divide the clothing store into men’s, women’s, and children’s sections. The only time women might be expected to wander over to the men’s section is if they were buying a Father’s Day or Christmas gift. 

But now we’re in the age of the androgynous look and self-expression. Making it just as likely that they’re shopping for themselves as for a male in their life. You can create a shirtdress out of an oversized men’s shirt or trade your thin-strapped timepiece for something more masculine if it works better with your outfit.

  1. Don’t Mix Seasons

You may have heard of and probably subscribe to the no-leather-in-summer rule. Who wants to wear heavy leather in 90-degree heat? But there are leather pieces made with the warm season in mind. You can rock your leather shorts for an evening out or grab a light leather coat for when it gets chilly during your night out.

If It Feels Good, Wear It

At the end of the day, fashion is about dressing up in what you love. If an outfit makes you feel comfortable and confident, by all means, wear it, even if it violates some commonly held norms. Committing a fashion faux pas every now and then can lead to exciting new discoveries.

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