Popular autoflower strains in 2022

For home growers and licensed professionals alike, autoflower weed seeds are now the preferred means of growing cannabis. Growing autoflower seeds is fast, convenient, and easy. During the last few years, autoflower seeds have reached new levels of quality at least from premium seed companies.

With many states now permitting marijuana cultivation for personal use, marijuana growers now have greater access than ever before. In the following, we have outlined the top 5 best autoflowering strains, their effects, their THC content, and what you need to do as a grower.

What are the advantages of autoflowering strains?

It is well known that autoflowering seeds grow quickly and yield a lot. A strain that switches from vegetative to flowering automatically performs well even in old climates, unlike other strains. However, what does this all mean to you? In the first place, it eliminates a lot of the work involved in growing. By keeping the plant in favorable conditions, giving it some water and nutrients, and waiting for it to blossom on its own, you won’t have to do everything yourself.

In most cases, strains that produce autoflowers can begin blooming within two to four weeks of planting seeds. They are a great choice for beginners or anyone looking for new strains to enjoy due to their low maintenance and high production. We tell you why autoflower strains are the best for growers and smokers, and we explain what makes them the best.

The top 5 autoflower strains in 2022


Godzilla Cookies Auto – 27% THC

There’s a good chance you live under a rock if the name doesn’t mean anything to you! Known as one of the most potent autoflowering strains on the market, Godzilla Cookies Auto produces high levels of THC. The unique flavor makes it easier to relax and promotes creative thinking, taking you to levels you may not have experienced before. It takes just a few months from planting seeds to harvesting, and you will be able to have a great harvest to share with your friends. Godzilla Cookies won’t be forgotten quickly, and you’ll be hooked immediately!

Grow tips

  • It is important to control and adjust ph levels so that you don’t kill your plants.
  • You should provide support for the branches because the buds are extremely dense.
  • It is recommended to gradually increase the nutrient dose on week 3 since she can handle a big feed.


Strawberry Banana Auto- 27% THC

In addition to its fruity aromas, Straw-nana has a chill high and gives off a super popular autoflower strain. The THC content is high, buds are abundant, and flowering happens quickly. It is certain that each plant will produce large yields – so much so that you will have too much to deal with! It’s no accident that this strain is called one of the best autoflower varieties! Regardless of your climate, you can harvest buds within 70 days and continue to do so for the rest of your life. Once you learn how simple it is, you won’t want to use anyone else’s hash.

Grow tips

  • As this strain can grow up to 150cm, make sure you have enough vertical space!
  • Make sure you pay close attention to the branches and offer support if necessary.
  • If you flush in the last week before harvest, the fruity terpenes will be enhanced even further.

Purple Juice Auto – 23% THC

There are a lot of advantages to purple autoflowering strains like Purple Juice Auto. These smoky treats are delicious, colorful, and add a fun twist to your smoking experience. From the very beginning, you will feel a positive high and sing its praises! You can grow this indoors and outdoors, making it one of today’s top autoflowering strains. It will only take a few weeks for you to see flowers start to appear and mature, at which point the savory smell will start to fill your entire garden area. The sweetness of the flowers will be impossible to escape once they are in bloom, leaving you craving more.


Auto Cinderella Jack – 26% THC

Cinderella Jack Auto stands out among other autoflowering strains for its potency, taste, and energy-boosting properties. You will enjoy the sweet smell of these buds, and the positive high you experience will make sure you’re in a good mood. The strain is perfect for growing indoors or outdoors and possesses super potent genetics that allow it to withhold a range of environmental conditions. A sweet, candy-like smell emanates from Cinderella Jack Auto as soon as buds appear. Especially when you’ve let all the feels soak in, your first harvest will be hard to put down.

Monster Bruce Banner Auto – 25% THC

This hulking autoflowering plant is one of the monsters, strong enough to take on the biggest monsters. Its super powerful high mingles with earthy and spicy notes, making it one of the best autoflowering strains around. With the ability to grow indoors and outdoors, this autoflower cultivar produces a trance-inducing high that’s perfect for dealing with stress and relaxing yourself. You’re sure to get buds blooming quickly and an earthy aroma soon after planting the Monster strain. To keep things under control in your indoor growing area, make sure you use a carbon filter.

You Have Many Other Options!

There are many other autoflower strains available at Herbies in addition to these. With more than two decades of experience shipping high-quality genetics, the company is one of the few trusted sources of cannabis seeds. Another good reason to choose Herbies is that it discreetly ships weed seeds to Australia.

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