The 5 Ways To Accessorize Your Little Black Dress

We can all count on that little black dress in our closet to save us from a fashion faux pas. It’s there when we have nothing to wear and there when the occasion calls for black clothing. However, accessorizing your LBD can take your outfit from safe to fabulous with these simple tips!

1. Statement Jewelry

Woman wearing a chunky necklace with a plain dress


Think of your LBD as a blank canvas where you can do virtually anything. It’s the perfect time to wear those chunky necklaces, bold bracelets, and flashy watches since there’s no chance of them clashing with your outfit. Just be careful not to overdo it and risk clashing jewelry or worse, not being appropriate for the event!

2. Scarf

Woman wearing red neckerchief with black dress and tan trench coat enjoying coffee


Scarves are by far the classiest accessories. They can take you from drab spinster to French model in seconds! There are many different scarves to experiment with including but not limited to pashminas, square scarves, and neckerchiefs. Don’t be afraid to go for the ones with bold colors and prints!

3. Belt

Someone wearing a black dress with a black belt


Belting a dress is a surefire way to add originality and curves to your LBD look. Different belts will give you specific desired looks such as a skinny knot belt for eccentricity or a dainty metal belt for added femininity. Try out different belt styles to provide you with the exact LBD look you want.

4. Layering

Woman wearing white t-shirt under black dress


Sometimes it’s not about adding a little something extra, but rather switching up the entire look. Incorporating a plain button-up can improve the look of your LBD. Simply wearing it underneath to showcase the collar above the dress and the sleeves can give your outfit a preppy vibe. Or, you can choose to wear the shirt over your dress with the buttons undone and knotted at the waist for a cutesy look.

5. Pantyhose

Woman wearing black dress and purple pantyhose, putting on black pumps


I know what you’re thinking, “My grandmother uses pantyhose.” While that may be true, they still shouldn’t be overlooked. Not only do they come in a ton of different colors and opacities, but they can also seriously liven up a boring LBD! When you’re looking at your plain black dress and matching pumps in the mirror before your Christmas party thinking about how dull you look, consider adding a pair of bright red pantyhose to your look for a fun and stylish twist!

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Not only is having a little black dress tucked away in your closet essential for any woman but so is being able to accessorize it properly so that it remains relevant! If you find yourself bored to death with your LBD, consider getting a new one or using these tricks for added glitz.

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