10 Empowering YouTubers All Females Should Subscribe to Right Now

YouTube has become a large platform for influencers of all ages in the past few years. There are numerous YouTube channels to watch who cover topics on beauty, DIY hacks, fitness, cooking, and several other subject matters. We have gathered the best inspirational channels you should subscribe to.

Here are the 10 most empowering YouTubers that all females should watch right now.

Adelaine Morin


One of the most impactful YouTubers on the platform, Morin has nearly three million subscribers. She posts various types of videos ranging from makeup tutorials, funny prank videos alongside her boyfriend, clothing hauls and more.

Adelaine Morin is one of the most inspirational stars on YouTube who promotes self-love and her popular message “Girls Supporting Girls”. She has built a brand revolving around the slogan that sells merchandise. Her clothing brand donates a percentage of the sales to a female based organization to help spread awareness amongst females.

Check out her channel here.

Hannah Hart


Hart addresses all the necessary realness in life on her channel. She displays her authenticity through her videos while hanging out with friends, cooking videos, and sit down talks ranging in an assortment of topics like getting involved within your community while bringing positivity to the world.

The YouTuber shares her best life tips and inspirational messages that leave you feeling empowered while creating a fun community on her channel.

Check out her channel here.

Liza Koshy


One of the biggest stars on YouTube, Koshy brings her charming sense of humor to the camera. With over 17 million subscribers, she posts unique videos to her channel while she is currently building an acting career.

Check out her channel here.


At just 25 years old, Lauren Riihimaki has grown her channel to nine million subscribers. Her do it yourself videos have become a smash hit that demonstrates all the best hacks for an assortment of products. Some of her most popular videos include the DIY Challenge Series, study DIYs & Tips to Stay Organized in School and Weird Viral DIYs Tested.

Check out her channel here.

Niki and Gabi


With nearly 10 million subscribers, twin sisters Niki and Gabi are successful business gurus with a wide array of video content. The two stars recently have released music videos, have posted several tutorials and DIY videos as well as covered topics pertaining to mental health issues.

Check out their channel here.



The number one fitness channel you need to follow is Cassey Ho’s Blogilates. The YouTube-based entrepreneur has shaped the fitness world by bringing the best work out videos through her easily accessible channel.

The certified fitness instructor posts videos revolving around boot camp sculpting workouts and full-length pop pilates that can all be done in your own home.

Check out her channel here.

Rachel Levin


An accomplished beauty guru, Levin has an impressive 14.2 million subscribers. She has a unique set of content on her channel with challenge videos, beauty tips, and comedy skits.

The YouTube star has had collaborations with Google and Audible and also has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award.

Check out her channel here.

Laura in the Kitchen


One of the top cooking channels on YouTube, Italian cook Lauren Vitale posts numerous food videos of the best recipes to try out. Vitale is also known for her show on The Cooking Channel, Simply Laura. 

Check out her channel here.

Jessie Paege


Jessie Paege is another YouTuber that is changing the game on the platform. She is not afraid to be herself and has recently released a rainbow makeup palette with Tarte, demonstrating what a strong empowering female is.

Check out her channel here.

Jeanine Amapola


A rising YouTube star, Amapola has successful collabs with Fabeltics, Starbucks and Apple. She brings a unique spin to YouTube with her love of faith, fitness tips as well as healthy living videos.

Check out her channel here.