The best podcasts all women should listen to 

Podcasts are a very popular form of media these days and consist of a series of audios that viewers can listen to on the internet. Podcasts usually consist of one person, or a group of people discussing a certain topic that they enjoy whether it be sports, entertainment, politics, or even video games. Podcasts are great and everyone should listen to them every once in a while because they can be informative, and entertaining and you can listen to them effortlessly while doing other tasks such as cleaning or even working. If you’re starting one, you can use different promotion services for podcasts to expand your reach fast, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to content. Good content is the most important factor when growing your audience. Many podcasts are aimed at women and they generally provide a supportive space where women discuss topics that other women can relate to. Some of the most popular topics on women’s podcasts include dating, sex, women empowerment, and feminine health and wellness. If you are considering making your podcast, you should check out the following podcasts for inspiration. 

The guilty feminist 

The guilty feminist podcast is considered a cultural phenomenon in the UK. The show is presented by comedian Deborah Frances-White and is all about feminism. The difference is that White and the guests on her podcast are always the first to admit that they might not have all the answers which is a contrast to feminist philosophy which can be daunting, aggressive, and uncompromising. If you tune into the guilty feminist podcast, you can expect a generous amount of laughs and fun. This is an award-winning podcast and a common topic with her guests is their goals as 21st-century feminists. You can also enjoy live shows and The guilty feminist book. 

Stuff mom never told you 

Co-hosts Samantha McVey and Anney Reese head a podcast that is dedicated to research-based investigations of what they define as womanhood and they discuss their findings in a chatty and lovely way that any woman will enjoy. They discuss everything from Romcoms to why women suffer from migraines more than men as well as the history of the popular, and often degrading word “pussy” among many other topics. This is the perfect podcast for you to learn something new and feel as though you’re chatting with your besties. 

Encyclopedia womannica 

Encyclopedia womannica is your stop if you’re looking for daily female inspiration. This podcast is hosted by Jenny Kaplan and every week, you can expect to hear a 5-minute segment about a woman in history that you should know about if you don’t already. The inspiration came from history classes that Kaplan remembers attending while she was growing up and wondering why they never learn about women. Encyclopedia womannica is an award-winning podcast that you should listen to if you’re looking to feel inspired. 


Poog is a wellness podcast that is hosted by US comedians Kate Berlant and Jacqueline Novak who are both deeply fascinated with wellness and the wellness industry in general. The podcast happens weekly and they spend each episode discussing different aspects of wellness, whether it be chakra healing or the latest skincare technology. As comedians, they add their humor to the podcast which makes it enjoyable and informative. 

Women at work

Women at work is a Harvard Business Review podcast that focuses on the discrimination that women face in the workforce. They explore the narrowing wage gap and aggressive and domineering male colleagues to name a few. The hosts of the podcast interview experts on gender and also share their own experiences, often giving women advice on how to succeed in life despite all the obstacles that we face, especially as women in a world where men are dominating every industry.

If you’re looking for a podcast that is focused solely on topics and issues relating to women, then this list is for you. Whether you want something light-hearted or something more serious, there are plenty of podcasts aimed at women. This doesn’t mean that men cannot listen it might be a good idea for men to listen to these podcasts so that they can have a deeper understanding of what women typically go through in society and just other issues and things that relate to women specifically. These podcasts are informative and entertaining for everyone. 

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