Hot or Not: Adding Gambling as a Hobby to Your Online Dating Profile

It can be a tedious task to complete your online dating profile. From picking the best pictures to answering dumb questions, all while making sure you will attract the right people. And if that wasn’t enough, you often don’t have to do the same task not once but multiple times. Tinder, Bumble, Hinge … you know how it goes.

Questions about hobbies are especially tricky since they can tell your personality. Playing the guitar? A definite add! Drums? Very cool, but are you some hardcore rocker that doesn’t come home before 4 am each night? Flute? Hmmm, that’s an interesting one. Definitely uncool 20 years ago, but perhaps hip these days? Tentative.

Things become even trickier once you realise that you don’t play any instrument. For example, is gambling a cool thing to add to your dating profile for a hobby? Ultimately, a quarter of the world’s population gambles. In the UK, it’s even every third person. 

So, gambling as a hobby, hot or not?

Poker Texas Hold’em

The answer to the question is, as so often: it depends.

Gambling comes in various shapes and forms, and the stigma around it greatly differs depending on the type of game. For example, poker moved from a backroom to the spotlight over the last two decades. Long gone are the days of cigars, whiskey, and going all-in with your house and car. Today, poker is cool.

Over 100,000 players from over 100 countries enter the World Series of Poker event in Las Vegas every year. Players like Phil Ivey or Dan Bilzerian not only become millionaires but superstars, and Mikki Mase has risen to fame for the craziest bluff of all time and, in general, his unconventional look.

Should you add poker to your dating profile? A definite yes!

Online Slots

Playing online slots is a bit like the flute. It was uncool 20 years ago, and, if we’re honest, it probably still is today.

The thing about slot machines is that there’s no skill required, and the outcome is purely based on luck. You risk looking a bit like a fool who’s just throwing good money after bad, hoping for the stars to align. There’s a reason why you’ve probably never read about a ‘cool lottery player’ either.

If you disagree with the description, read through the guides of Online Slots Pilot, where you will learn everything from RTP to volatility and all available slot features. Okay, agreed, there is a little more to slot machines than just spinning the reels, but the outcome remains luck-based.

Should you add (online) slots to your dating profile? At your own risk.


How about blackjack? The only mathematically beatable casino game should be a no-brainer, right? Well, it depends.

Can you count cards and know how to beat the house? If you would answer yes, definitely add blackjack to your dating profile but make sure you mention that you could technically play on the MIT Blackjack Team. However, if you can’t count cards and don’t know when to split them either, perhaps it’s better to dig deeper into your hobby repertoire.

Adding blackjack to your dating profile? Leaning towards yes.

Other Casino Games

As for other casino games, it will often be a 50/50 decision whether it’ll be considered hot or not.

As a rule of thumb, gambling is not (yet) widely considered a cool thing unless it requires some serious skill. However, that is true for almost any other hobby as well. If you’re really good at something, definitely add it to your Tinder or Bumble profile. It will help you jump off the page and look more attractive.

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