6 Sustainable Fashion Brands

Fast fashion is one of the worst things for the environment. We quickly consumer clothes at a rapid pace and the style in trend continues to change. Not only are we constantly looking for new clothes, but we are also constantly throwing away old or torn clothing items and searching for new ones. So many try to stay away from fast fashion and shame others who use it but let us be very honest here, it isn’t that easy for everyone to stay away from fast fashion. Thrift stores provide more affordable options for people who cannot afford to buy brand new and even at that point thrift stores don’t provide much of a range when it comes to sizes. Expecting people to fit into the small array that a thrift store offers is asking a lot. But no worries here we have compiled a list of sustainable clothing brands to help you navigate your way through fashion.



Reformation offers a wide array of fun clothes.


The jeans might seem expensive but we promise they last a long time.


Find yourself some cold weather clothes.


Great workout gear for all kinds of movement and weather.

Vera Bradley

Adorable bags, lunch boxes and travel gear.


Another store that covers a wide array of fun fashion.