How to Lose Weight in College: 10 Tips That Work

College is fun for most of us, and why not? It’s our first time and the best experience of freedom. College students enjoy their lives by bunking lectures to hanging out with friends eating, playing, and studying. College life is memorable and hectic. It is the phase in life where you are constantly juggling getting good marks and getting your health right.

College students have no schedule, and they just go with the flow. Knowingly or unknowingly, College weight gain starts happening, and you have no idea how to lose weight. Maintaining a healthy body weight is crucial. Your eating habits here may be the biggest issue, and stress is the other reason. So how to lose weight in college? Collected from is 10 tips for you to lose college weight and slay!

Drink More Water

Your body craves water; feeling thirsty does not indicate your body’s craving for water. Your body needs water most of the time, but do you know that drinking water can help you lose weight.

Coldwater is known to increase the process of metabolism in the body, helping lose weight. Fast metabolism helps the body burn calories. You can try other drinks like green tea or some fresh juice that can aid your weight loss journey. You should avoid binge drinking like alcohol intake.  

Add a Fruit or Vegetable to Every Meal

You need to satisfy your hunger and get the lowest amount of calories. Cut off as many calories as possible and swap them with fresh fruit and vegetables (nutrient-dense foods).

The reason to choose them over any food is they are high fibre foods with fewer calories. This will bring your hunger satiety and fuel your body for the rest of the day. When you are already on low calories, you only have a small portion to burn without heavy exercise or gyming routine. 

Know What a Balanced Diet Is

Poor dietary choices are disastrous. You should know what you are eating as your eating habits matter. You should know about your balanced diet by listening to your body’s needs.

Skipping meals won’t let you lose weight but swapping them with healthy snacks will. You need to refrain from certain foods and switch to healthy ones. Don’t be standing in your college cafeteria and munching on junkies. Junk food is the biggest source of extra calories every day; cut it off first. 

Stock Safe and Healthy Dorm Room Snacks

If you don’t want to gain weight, stock safe and healthy snacks in your dorm room. The reason here is it is the place where you stay or just spend time with your college. Stacking healthy snacks will help you in weight maintenance. Make sure you exercise and have better-eating habits. 

Eat Nutritious Foods More Often and Junk Foods Less Often

Truly said, eat breakfast like a king. You cannot expect your car to run on an empty fuel, and so is your body. Nutritious foods are for your body, while junkies are for your tongue. You need to mind what you eat, and mindful eating is necessary.

Avoid late-night munchies or emotional eating because it is the reason your diet may not be working in your favour.

There are various diets for college students to lose weight, pick one and stick to it. Don’t go for packaged foods because they usually come under unhealthy foods; adopt healthy lifestyle with more nutrient-dense foods and never skip breakfast and maintain a distance from fast food. 

Find Activities You Love

College students cannot wish to lose weight by sitting in their hostel bed or classroom. You need some physical activities to make it happen.

Do what you love that helps your body to shed weight. It can be anything from exercising, gyming, aerobics, or yoga. It will be your super aids for weight loss goals. You can also play cricket or volleyball, whatever you have fun playing. Physical activity helps maintain physical health and burn calories. It’s said in that in order to maintain physical health, you also need to burn more calories.

Manage Stress

College can be stressful as you try to balance your studies, health, and personal time. Stress is known to put extra weight on your head and body when you don’t manage it properly.

If it’s too heavy to work, seek emotional support from your friends and family. Most college students face pressure, stress, and anxiety, but it’s all part of life, and with the right counseling services, it all can be managed.

Many college students also show symptoms of eating disorder while in stress. Stress is dangerous for your mental health. 

Get Enough Sleep

Your body needs rest, and if you have a hard time sleeping, your overall health might be in trouble. College weight loss won’t happen in a day; you will have to get yourself involved in every activity like taking diet, exercise, and sleep to achieve results.

Sleep disorder can lead to midnight cravings, but it’s not healthy. Your meal plan should be in sync, your last meal should be low in calories, and you should take it one hour before you move to the bed. 

Cut Down on Your Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption makes you crave more calories. It will make you thirstier, letting you carve more than the required calories. It also leads to dehydration and other health problems that can be fatal if not taken care of.

Drinking in moderation can be okay, but heavy drinking can aid you in gaining weight. 

Track Your Calories

You will have to make time to track your calories. When you follow something, you know where you are going and what else could be done to make it right.

Tracking calories will give you an extra sense of responsibility for how much of these calories you should take.

Measuring your total calorie intake will help you cut off unwanted weight. Along with physical changes, you also need to be alert to your mental well being. Track your blood sugar levels as it’s now a common problem in young adults.

The Bottom Line

College life comes with freedom, but it also allows you to taste how to manage everything. It may look overwhelming at the start, but you will handle it when you are committed enough to work it. If you have intimidating thoughts on how to lose weight while in college, just get started.

You can follow college diets to lose weight. Home-cooked meals are best if they mainly comprise fresh fruits and vegetables. Stay away from fast foods and always eat slowly. Weight management is crucial no matter where you stand in life for healthy weight loss. Always track how many calories you are taking, as this will help you know how many calories you need to burn.

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