10 Funniest Comedy Shows and Movies To Help You Destress

It’s safe to say this year has made us all feel like we have one massive migraine. Finding a way to make light of heavy situations for comic relief is difficult but this list of 10 amazingly funny comedy shows and movies will have you forgetting about your stressors.



Nothing’s better than a bunch of misfits in a community college.

The Office


If you love Community you will love The Office. An uncomfortable comedy that makes everyday life seems fun.

Big Mouth


Don’t be fooled by the cartoon this show will have you on the floor laughing for hours.

Russian Doll


This dark confusing comedy show is brought to you by the amazing Amy Poehler and Natasha Lyonne.



Don’t be fooled by the year this came out, the early 2000’s were a funny time.

Daddy’s Home


If you find this hilarious you will love the second Daddy’s Home.

American Pie


All the original American Pie’s are the best.

Wine Country


The combination of these SNL comedians will have you laughing for hours.

Good Boys


A fun mix of nostalgia and raunchy comedy to fill your night.

We’re The Millers


Drug dealers turned all American family? Doesn’t make sense at first but it will definitely have you entertained.


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