Fun ways to add a little bingo to your life

There are many games that have been adapted to suit different occasions or purposes. The simple game of rock paper scissors has been used for gambling, deciding sports events, settling disputes, and even boasts its own competitive tournaments. There are other games that we can use in different settings, and the classic game of bingo is one that is being used in a number of creative ways.

The traditional play

Not too long ago, bingo seemed to be on a downward turn. Although the game had waned in popularity, it was still much-loved by its dedicated following. Online casinos brought new life to this traditional game, and large numbers of people now play online bingo for real money. There are many versions available now, so the old-school numbers game offers something for everyone.

Titles such as Roller Coaster, Cash Cubes, Age of Gods, and Rainbow Riches Bingo all add a twist to the classic game and appeal to a new generation of punters. There are even tie-ins to recognizable TV hits such as Deal or No Deal Bingo. The slots plus bingo hybrid game, Slingo, also offers many ways to play with multipliers and stimulating game features. While the game has evolved online, at its heart is the same simple pleasure of dabbing numbers on a grid to earn a reward. 

TV and movie bingo

Many people like to scroll through social media posts or tinker with their phones while watching TV shows and movies at home. While this might be some great multitasking, it often distracts from the viewing experience and you’ll likely miss some key plot points or just not be invested in the story. So, why not use bingo to keep you engrossed in what’s happening and provide you with something to do other than just watching?

To play, you and your viewing companions each have a different card crammed with pictures or words that shows things that might happen in the TV show or movie you’re watching. As you watch together, you mark off actions that occur on-screen, and each player tries to get a line or full house to win a prize. There are online bingo cards you can use for different genres of film, TV shows, or directors. There are also cards for watching awards shows such as the Oscars. Whatever you’re watching, adding a little bingo side game should make things more interesting.

Life bingo

While many people use a checklist to ensure they’re achieving their goals, some prefer to employ a bingo card. The idea is simple, but can prove effective for creating healthy habits. To play, you simply fill in a bingo grid with healthy or productive things you should do each day, such as drink enough water, compliment a friend, do 30 minutes of yoga, or put the phone down for three hours. Then, you aim to complete a line a day or simply get a full house by the end of the week. It might seem nonsense to some, but for numerous individuals, it’s a fun way to gain a modicum of motivation needed to be healthier.

Bingo cards can also ensure you’re making the most of your time when you’re out and about. Brooklyn-based artist and illustrator Sarah Butler created a New York City food bingo card for visitors to the city not to miss out on any of the quintessential offerings available. Other pleasing bingo cards are available, but making your own can also be a rewarding experience and something you can share with others.

Check out these ways to bring a bit of bingo into your life. Each is a small addition that keeps this classic game thriving.