Exam Gone Wrong: 4 Tools To React

There are many emotional implications of a failed exam, especially if it is perhaps the first of the session. Your reaction risks affecting you negatively for all the other exams.

But obviously, this is not the end of the world or something irreparable, so today we see together 5 useful tips to put into practice immediately to transform the poison of the examination that went wrong in medicine to get back up and start again.

Don’t Blame Yourself

After a failed exam, students tend to blame themselves excessively. Logically, after an unsuccessful test, you have to look at your work with a critical eye, and ask yourself “Could I have done better than this?”, “Did I study enough?”, “Should I have started studying earlier?” and respond honestly. At the end of the fair, it is precisely from the mistakes we make during the journey that we learn.

Doing this objective analysis with yourself does not mean blaming yourself. It simply means evaluating the aspects of preparation to improve next time. There is no use in punishing or pitying yourself.

So off with the guilt. What you need to do after a failed exam is to learn to sincerely and objectively recognize the things you did, what was good and what needs to be improved. If you need to, give yourself an emotional boost: “She went like this, but now I’m going to get back under it and I’ll pass it to the next attempt”.

Turn Poison Into Medicine

I wanted to use this image because I think it is very explanatory. A failed exam is just like a poison that makes you sick and depresses you. But you can turn it into the medicine that will take you to the next test! Such as?

Everything is based on trying to react in a detached, resolute way. If the exam goes wrong, don’t throw the rest of the day into self-pity, but use it to acquire everything you need to adjust your preparation. If something gets in the way, while you are preparing, you can delegate some of the written assignments to an essay writing service, which will handle the task instead of you. 

Don’t Do It All Over Again

Of course, you don’t have to re-study everything! It would only waste your time and increase the anxiety and discomfort associated with this test. You have already studied, if you have not passed the test, it just means that you are missing things. And if you followed point 2 those “things” you have recovered all by remaining to investigate after the exam went wrong.

So, take all the information you’ve gathered, create a list with the questions and find the right answers. Then on the basis of them, you go to file your preparation with the right study method. Always keep reviewing all the topics at a fixed rate to keep them fresh and devote the right time to simulating the exam. In fact, maybe your weak point is not so much the preparation as the exposure in the oral or the management of time in the written. The only way to improve is to practice!

Retry The Failed Exam As Soon As Possible

When you fail the exam, one of the first reactions you may have is to say “Now I don’t want to know anything more for a long time, rather I prepare another subject”. But the truth is that if you have the chance to give it back immediately, in the same session, you have to take it!

I understand that, really. Maybe you are frustrated and what happened is putting so much anxiety on you that you want to postpone until a later date. Or the fact that you have not passed the exam creates such pressure that you will not dare to come back at the next session until you are sure you know everything in detail.

If you wait too long it will be more complicated and you will waste time that you could devote to studying for other exams because you will still have to keep timing the reviews to avoid forgetting everything!

Wouldn’t you rather take it off right away and then forget about it? We have said so much that you don’t have to study everything from scratch, so brace yourself and, armed with the new things you have learned, immediately jump into the first available session. Then maybe if the vote does not satisfy you, you will choose whether to accept it or reject it, but in the meantime, you have to try it again immediately, to avert the danger of blocking yourself.

Like when you fall off your horse they tell you that you have to get back up immediately, with exams it’s a bit the same thing. Don’t let the fear of “falling” again and not passing it stop you from trying again.