Online sports betting is taking colleges by storm in Oklahoma

It’s noteworthy to note that sports betting is permitted in Oklahoma. State of Oklahoma tribal compacts outline the structure of gaming in the state. Earlier this year, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin pushed for the inclusion of sports betting in these compacts. As soon as these new agreements were signed, the Attorney General stated that they were null and invalid because they did not comply with the state’s Tribal Gaming Act.

Since then, legislators and indigenous groups have been engaged in heated discussions over the best way to proceed with legalisation. As of yet, no agreement has been reached, and sports betting has not yet been allowed in the state of New Jersey. This might be a great chance for the state to establish common ground and move ahead.

Legal sports betting options in Oklahoma

Any online sportsbooks that claim they can accept bets from someone in Oklahoma at this point is an unlicensed offshore operator. That means anyone placing a bet with that operator has no consumer protections through US laws. A winning bet might be forfeited or the book could shut its doors without refund consumer money.

What the tribes do and what the state and federal governments allow might have a significant impact on Oklahoma’s future.

In the event additional tribes opt to renegotiate their compacts, the number of players might skyrocket dramatically.

Oklahoma has 38 federally-recognized tribes, 35 of which have signed gaming compacts with the state.

If everyone agrees to the same rules, there could be as many as 70 tribal retail sportsbooks in Oklahoma. That could jump to 75 if the state opens the five non-tribal locations mentioned in the compacts.

What Oklahoma Cities Could Offer Sports Betting?

Most of what Oklahoma has done to control gambling has been to let people bet on sports on tribal land. In 2020, a plan like this was thrown out, and in 2022, bills in the Oklahoma State Legislature use similar structures. This means that the cities in Oklahoma that will be able to offer sports betting will be the ones with a lot of tribes, since tribal locations are most likely to get sports betting options. 

What Is The Legal Sports Betting Age In Oklahoma?

The legal age to bet on sports in Oklahoma is 18. This is good news for gamblers in the state, because websites that let people bet on sports also require members to be 18 or older.

Where To Bet In Oklahoma

The most popular way to bet on college sports in Oklahoma is offshore since sports betting in this state isn’t quite legal yet. To have a great betting experience, we recommend doing your research and get in informed on the subject using sources such as  this complete guide on OK sports betting by TSD, giving you the full lowdown on the best offshore sportsbooks you can use to place wagers. Many of these offshore sportsbooks feature superb betting applications, and above all, they are regulated, so they are safe to play and accessible to players 18 and over.


Players can also bet on this year’s NCAA March Madness tournament, which has been scheduled for 2022. In terms of excitement and shocks, the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament exceeded all expectations. In the end, it was Kansas who won the championship after a stunning comeback victory against North Carolina.


It’s never too early to start thinking about next year’s Super Bowl, one of the greatest athletic events of the year, and what may happen and how to bet on the action. Listed below are the most current March Madness odds and where you may legally and securely wager on this year’s tournament.

What Teams Can I Bet On?

Oklahoma is lucky to have some teams that are always good and always in the running for national championships. On the professional level, the Oklahoma City Thunder is one of the most exciting teams in the league all the time. Oklahomans can bet on both the Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma State Cowboys in college sports. 


The Sooners and Cowboys are two of the best football teams in the country and also have good basketball teams. Brick-and-mortar sportsbooks in Oklahoma don’t let people bet on college teams from the same state, but online sportsbooks do.

Where Can I Bet Real Money On Sports In Oklahoma?

As of 2021, the only legal way to bet real money on sports in Oklahoma is through the internet. This is an excellent way for students looking to earn a little extra cash from wagering before going away for college. It is important that students look into some tips on how to wager safely.  Online sportsbooks take bets from sports bettors in Oklahoma on games that are taking place all over the world.

Most popular sports to bet in Oklahoma

It’s certainly a disappointment that the compact bars are betting on in-state colleges since. There is plenty of interest in college sports, especially the football and basketball programs for the Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

NCAA betting in Oklahoma

That said, betting on other Big XII college football and basketball games could be significant as Sooners and Cowboys fans will be familiar with the other teams in the leagues.

NBA betting in Oklahoma

The NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder is also a professional team from Oklahoma. Thunder games and other NBA games might get more action than other professional leagues.

NFL betting in Oklahoma

The state’s proximity to Texas could lead to significant betting on the NFL‘s Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans as well.

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