4 Things You Should Consider When Choosing The Right Hair Extensions For You

While most women want long and luscious locks, growing them out can take years of patience and hard work. However, luckily there exists an easier way of getting Instagram-worthy locks, and that is through hair extensions. 

If you want to get hair extensions to get hair that mimics your favorite celebrities and influencers, you will have to choose from the myriad of choices that are offered in hair extensions – from clip-ins to tape-ins; from weaves to keratin bonds; and from real to synthetic hair.

Your choice differs based on how ready you are to commit to hair extensions, your lifestyle, your budget, and your style. Given below are five considerations that will help you choose the right hair extensions for you:

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Consideration #1: The length and thickness of your natural hair

Before purchasing hair extensions, the very first factor you must take into consideration is the length and thickness of your natural hair. For those with naturally thicker hair, consider going heavy on hair extensions with sew-ins or pre-bonded hair extensions. For those with thinner hair, keratin bonds and tape in hair extensions work best for a seamless blend.

Consideration #2: The color of your natural hair

If your natural hair is a common shade of black, brown, blond, or red, you will by all means find off-the-rack synthetic hair extensions to match your natural hair color. However, if your hair is treated and dyed or has highlights, you may have trouble finding the right shade to match your locks. Hence, you would have to dye hair extensions to match your natural hair color and for that extensions made out of reL human hair are recommended, as these can be dyed but the synthetic ones cannot.

Consideration #3: How long do you want to wear them

For those looking for a temporary solution to wanting longer hair, clip-in hair extensions are the best as these can be clipped in before heading out and easily removed once you are back home. For those wanting a semi-permanent solution, tape-in and sew-in hair extensions are recommended as they last for about 8 weeks. For others looking for a long-term solution, nano bead hair extensions are the most suitable as these last for up to 4 months.

Consideration #4: How much you are looking to splurge

Quality hair extensions come with a hefty price tag. For those on a budget, clip-ins and synthetic hair extensions are the best as these are the cheapest of the lot. For those who are okay to splurge a bit, sew-ins and nano bead hair extensions are the best. These can be expensive due to the amount of work that goes into their installation and upkeep. Similarly, clip-ins last barely a week whereas the expensive ones last anywhere between 3-4 months.


Choosing the right hair extensions for you can be quite a confusing decision to take due to the wide variety and styles available in the market today. Your best bet would be to speak to your hairstylist to ask for a recommendation while also following the above-mentioned

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