7 Ways To Get A Summer Glow

With summer just around the corner and many popular makeup looks being demonstrated and displayed on numerous social media and video platforms, it can be hard to decide which makeup looks are going to be the go to’s for the upcoming season; and I’m going to tell you how you can duplicate a summer makeup look that’s shimmery, glowy and bronzy.


Saturate your eyelids in a neutral, colorful, or metallic shimmery eyeshadow that compliments your eye color and matches the overtones and undertones of your skin.


Applying mascara to the top and bottom lashes looks more natural, but artificial lashes are acceptable if you desire to have longer, thicker and/or fuller lashes on your top and/or lower lashes.



If you don’t have a naturally warm face that also doesn’t get warm in the summertime, a bronzer that is a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone and matches your skin’s warm, cool or neutral undertones will allow you to have the warmth that you desire and make your face look more defined.



Dab blush on your cheeks that is reminiscent to the natural hue of your high or low bones when they get flushed or pinched and meshes well with your skin’s overtones and undertones.



To add an instantly noticeable shine to your natural or artificially warm face, use a warm golden, bronze, or rosy highlighter that will people wonder whether or not the sun kissed your face.



Gold, Rose Gold and Bronze body shimmers applied onto exposed areas of the skin will add necessary shimmer to your upper and lower body that’ll become more pronounced when you’re out and about in broad day light.



Last but certainly not least, apply a warm, cool or neutral nude, pink, peach or brown lipstick on your upper and lower lips followed by some clear gloss onto your lower lip to complete your makeup look.



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