How to Find Anyone Online: 7 Free Resources

Thanks to the Internet and the technology available today, it has become much easier to find someone you haven’t talked to in a long time. You need to type in their name on Google and tap on a few links. You can also use various social media platforms to find the person you are looking for. For instance, if you want to look for someone on Facebook, you need to type in their email address or name. Likewise, you can find an email address and the person who runs a blog.

Names that are fairly common can be found easily. However, you will have to get some work done if you do not know the person you are looking for. In this article, we will look at some efficient tools that help to get accurate results.

What Are The Best Tools To Find Anyone Online?

Some of the best tools and resources you can use to find anyone online are:

1. Pipl People Search

While you will find various types of websites that will search the standard social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook to find someone, Pipl will conduct a more intensive scan for the name of the person you are looking for on the non-typical websites. The results are quite impressive.

With the help of this platform, you will be able to uncover phone numbers, street addresses, and even family members. All the data is scrapped from various types of websites, even the ones you may not have heard of before.

While you can download and use the app for free, it is recommended that you pay the subscription fee to use the best services. Today, Pipl is primarily used by businesses that want to verify and investigate people of their interest.

2. Google Groups

One of the most powerful tools you can use to find any person over the Internet is Google Groups. Google Groups has incorporated more than 800 million Usenet messages into its database. You will find internet conversations that date back as early as 1981.

Let us take an example – assume that you are looking for a person with whom you have attended college at a particular period. With the help of Google Groups, you will find this person very easily; Usenet channels were often used for people to access the Internet before its popularity boomed in the late 1990s. During that time, most tech businesses, research centers, and universities used Usenet for communication and collaboration.

Apart from finding the person you are looking for, you will get an idea about their motivations, ideas, and thoughts at that time.

3. True People Search

True People Search is quite a decent choice if you are looking for a free people search service. However, the free use of this tool will depend on your current location.

For instance, this tool is free for customers from the US and Canada. All you need to do is type in the name and the state of residence of the searched person. Once done, you will be provided with some in-depth results.

Apart from the exact results, True People Search will also show you a separate section called ‘Possible Associates.’ As you can guess by the name, this section will contain the names of the individual’s colleagues, past roommates, friends, etc. This feature of True People Search is quite useful to private investigators and law enforcement. While part of the information is taken from social media platforms like Facebook, it’s still reliable.

True People Search tool will offer a list of addresses associated with the individual in question and various phone numbers used. You can view the list for free. However, if you want a detailed report, you will have to pay a very nominal fee.

4. Find People Search

Find People Search is an amazing people-finding tool to find basic background information about anyone you are looking for. While the information is just a ‘teaser’ info, it can be quite helpful if you are trying to find a person. If you opt for the paid subscription, you will be offered a full picture of the gathered information.

The only limitation of this tool is that it does not offer results if the search is conducted outside the states. Even if it can be done, you will only be provided with a possible location on a map.

Depending on the data that has been collected for you, you can find information about the person’s family. For instance, you can find out the familial link to the person, like a cousin, uncle/aunt, brother/sister, parents, etc.

5. SignalHire

When it comes to finding people, most search tools will only look for publicly-available information and nothing more. However, SignalHire is one such tool that will scour the target’s social media accounts like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest to provide the required information to you.

Whether you are a recruiter or an HR, you will find more than 650 million profiles sourced from all the corners of the Internet. SignalHire provides a straightforward way to get in touch with anyone you want.

Also, you can download its contact finder extension, which can be used when visiting someone’s profile on LinkedIn. In addition, another way to use – just to input the required information like an email address or telephone number, and you will be shown the results immediately. The results are known to be 100% accurate.

6. Classmates

Sometimes, you will have to be a bit more creative than simply typing down the name of the person you are looking for in any search engine. In such cases, you will have to look for specialized platforms. As you can guess by the name, Classmates is a popular search platform where you can find someone from your school time.

You need to remember the name of the person you are looking for on Classmates. Once you have typed down the name, you will be provided with a list of people that are registered on the school website and have the same name on the record.

Alternatively, you can select the school by city and state. Once done, you can type down the name of the person. If the person you are looking for has been registered on the school website, you should find the related results with no problem. As of now, Classmates is only providing its services to US-based schools.

7. FamilyTreeNow

In today’s time, you will find a wide range of genealogy websites that can help you trace individuals. Each of these sites utilizes various methods to find the person you are looking for. This app has been compared to some of the best contact finders like SignalHire, etc.

As far as genealogical records go, the information may only be provided about alive people. Of course, it will depend on the terms of use and other regulations set up by the genealogy site. Therefore, while you will be provided with certain information, the data will be minimal.

On the search result page, you will find the address of the person you are trying to find and all the possible family and other associates. If you pay for the services, you will be provided with more information and more advanced search filters.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get in touch with an old relative or friend, using these tools can help you find their profiles, contact information, and even home addresses. Alternatively, these tools can be used to check whether a person is genuine or not. Of course, you do have the choice to use normal search engines for the job; however, these tools have been developed specifically and will provide you with every type of information you are looking for.