Cut These 3 Bad Habits For Brighter and Whiter Teeth

Throughout our childhoods we weren’t consistent with brushing, our braces messed up the color of our teeth and we ate tons of candy. Now you’re a bit older and stuck with slightly off white or yellowy teeth that you just want to get rid of. Whitening treatments from the dentist can be expensive, whitening toothpaste is bad for your teeth and the white strips from the convenient store hurt. There are many ways you can whiten your teeth at home but these are the bad habits you need to kick to ensure that your teeth stay white and don’t turn even more yellow.

Drinking Dark Drinks Without A Straw

A woman drinking through a straw.


Dark drinks such as coffee and dark soda can easily stain your teeth. This happens whether drinking these things is a habbit or an occasional thing. It’s best to take precautions no matter what you do so grab a straw with any drink that isn’t water and this will help the drink avoid your front teeth. Make sure that is a reusable straw, no need to keep adding plastic to the oceans.

Skipping That Recommended Third Daily Brush

A woman brushing her teeth.


So many people brush their teeth in the morning and then again at night but that third daily brush is so necessary to help get rid of anything that could stain your teeth in the middle of the day. This will also add a third time to help whiten your teeth within the day. It is such a necessary step in helping whiten your teeth and keep them from rotting.

Not Flossing

A woman flossing.


If you don’t flosh your gums are going to hate you. When you floss it helps remove the food from in between your teeth and helps clean up the sides of your teeth that the brush isn’t reaching, this will help keep the tooth white.

If you’re considering teeth whitening, you might be cautious as you might feel as though there might be risks involved. Click here to learn about more teeth whitening, safety elements and all the associated benefits.

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