USMNT prep in full swing – full Qatar World Cup guide for US soccer fans!

Now the US is about to finish up its mid-summer preparations it’s time to fully focus on the build up to the soccer World Cup.

We’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions about the US and the soccer World Cup. 

What does USMNT stand for?

USMNT stands for the United States Men’s National Team. 

What is the World Cup?

The World Cup is a soccer tournament which is held every four years. International soccer teams compete for the World Cup to see who will be crowned world champion and considered the best international soccer team in the world.

How many games are left before the US go to the World Cup?

Zero. After the USMNT play their Concacaf Nations League game against El Salvador on June 15, there are currently no more games scheduled at the time of writing. You can find the official US Men’s National Team Schedule here

Where is the World Cup being held?

World Cup 2022 is taking place in Qatar. 

Where is Qatar? 

Qatar is in the Middle East. It borders Saudi Arabia to the south and sits on the Qatari Peninsula. 

How long does it take to get to Qatar?

A direct flight from New York JFK takes around 12-14 hours. From Chicago O’Hare a direct flight can take between 13-15 hours. From Los Angeles a direct flight can take upwards of 16 hours. 

When is the World Cup?

According to the official FIFA World Cup website, the World Cup is taking place between November 21 and December 18, 2022. 

Isn’t the World Cup usually in summer? 

Yes, the World Cup is usually played in summer. This will be the first World Cup held in winter. This is due to Qatar’s intense summer climate where temperatures can reach in excess of 45c in summer. 

Are the US going to be at the World Cup?

Yes, the USMNT have qualified for the group stages of the World Cup. They have been placed into Group B. 

Who are the US playing?

The US are playing England, Iran and Wales in Group B. 

When are the US playing?

All of the US matches will kick off at local Qatari time of 22.00. The US will play their first game against Wales on Monday 21 November. The second game against England will take place on Friday 25 November. The third and final group game will take place on Tuesday 29 November. 

What is the time difference between Qatar and the US?

Qatar is seven hours ahead of EST. This means that US group matches will take place in the afternoon to early evening stateside. 

Who is the head coach of the USMNT and who is he?

Gregg Berhalter. Berhalter hails from Englewood, N.J. Berhalter spent his playing career as a defender. He has played professionally in the US, England, the Netherlands and Germany. 

Berhalter has managed Hammarby in Sweden and Columbus Crew SC before he took up the USMNT managerial post in 2018.

Can I bet on the US in the World Cup?

Yes, if betting is legal in your state and you are 21 years of age or older you can bet on the US in the World Cup. Here is a guide to some of the best betting sites in the USA right now. 

What are the chances of the US winning the World Cup?

The US currently are about +9900 to win the World Cup. Many betting sites now offer a wide range of alternative odds markets such as game odds and in-play odds aside from futures bets. 

What is the best finish the US has ever made at a World Cup?

The US finished third place at the first World Cup in 1930. The 2022 represents the first World Cup the US has appeared at since Brazil in 2016 where they made it out of the group. 

In the last two World Cups where the US has participated (South Africa, 2010 and Brazil, 2014) they have finished in the round of 16. 

Are the opponents any good?

European teams England and Wales represent the biggest threat to the US. The English have a history of underperforming at World Cups while Wales have just qualified for their first World Cup since 1958. The Welsh performed well at Euro 2016, their last major tournament. Iran are least likely to make it out of the group but are a bit more of an unknown quantity.