6 Fashion Trends I’ll Never Like Or Understand

Fashion trends come and go like a wind current once a new season or trends come along that I’ll never like or understand, and my list contains six of those trends that are incomprehensible or unappealing to me.

Clear shoes

When I first saw Kim Kardashian wearing these see-through boots in NYC in 2016, I was skeptical of them. When I saw Kim’s older sister Kourtney Kardashian wearing clear heels that were cloudy with foot sweat, I quickly and officially decided that clear shoes were disgusting and unnecessary.


The resurgence of chokers in the 2010s was already getting a shady side-eye from me due to it looking like a pet collar, but when I saw the severe choker marks on many male and female necks; I wanted to snatch and burn the tiny jewelry accessory in the nearest open fire that I could find.

Camouflage cargo pants

I’ve never been a fan of camouflage cargo pants since I’ve seen Destiny’s Child wearing them, and when I started to see numerous male and female influencers wearing camouflage cargo pants in various colors; I wanted to duel out costly fashion violation tickets and tell them that they shouldn’t be donning army wear.

Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts as athletic wear has never bothered me, but when I noticed that many young men and women were making these shorts a wardrobe essential,  it made me start to dislike athleisure wear since it had people looking like they were apart of the Tour de France.

Fanny packs

As a handbag and wallet fanatic, the sudden and unsettling reemergence of this 80s trend that requires men and women to wrap the unflattering pouch around their hip or their upper shoulder made me subconsciously shudder in pure and utter horror.


I’ve always had a difficult time embracing florals that aren’t a peony, orchid, stargazer lily, hibiscus, frangipani, hydrangea, rose, bird of paradise, or shell ginger, and the overwhelming presence of florals on various clothing items makes me feel like I’m in a sea of flowers that I dislike.


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