The Secret of Happiness: 10 Simple Actions Which Will Help You Reach Harmony

Everyone can have a negative attitude: it’s enough to watch the news, get upset and start making sad predictions.

With this approach a person fights an unpleasant reality, but only exacerbates personal problems.

How to achieve harmony, if everything around seems chaotic and unstable? Happiness lies in the details.

These 10 simple actions will help you feel much better, even if it seems that the whole world is crumbling before your eyes.

Tea Ceremony

Despite the fact that the culture of China and Japan is strongly drawn to minimalism, the ritual of the tea ceremony in their country is detailed and involves the presence of many different objects.

At this moment, you can distract yourself from all the everyday issues, including chatting with friends or using a gambling platform online, and just immerse yourself in your personal space.

Take a Bath

And it’s worth doing it very solemnly: plenty of lush foam, sea salt, candles, essential oils, a good glass of wine. Have at least once a week for yourself such a vacation no matter what – you will notice that you feel much better.

Learn From Buddhists

They have a unique way of looking at the world, people, feelings and everything around them. Buddhists are the ones who have the incredible serenity that amazes everyone so much.

You don’t have to convert to another religion at all, but a few of their lessons are worth taking note of.

Listen to Birdsong

Not everyone has the opportunity to go into nature, but everyone can use the internet. Birdsong has a wonderful effect on the psyche: we feel much better.

Deep Breaths

If you’re really pissed off by someone, you can’t help yourself, then first think about the following: will this next scandal be able to make your life better?

Take a few deep breaths and don’t rush into the altercation: after you’ve calmed down, think a few times about what you want to say.

Buy Flowers

The house should have indoor plants – they not only decorate the apartment with their beautiful appearance, but also have an impact on our psychological state and physical health.

Make a Rearrangement

This is a good way to change something, leaving everything as it is. Psychologically, the space will be transformed a little, which will make us feel different.

Finish Your Day With a Conclusion

It’s best to use a personal diary – you will be able to spill out your emotions and work through psychological problems without any risks. For example, you can write on paper about how your boss irritates you, but you shouldn’t say it to your face.

Get Rid of Ballast

These may be unnecessary things that you obviously never need. For example, some psychologists believe that the space cleared of unnecessary things is good for our mind and psyche.


Smiling allows you not only to move in a positive way, but also to defuse the emotional environment, placing people towards you. Scientists have proven that a smiling person seems more attractive, regardless of gender.