Social Media Hacks For College Students To Gain Popularity

Whether you are a college newbie or a senior, you will want everyone on-campus to know you. Becoming popular is often as big an achievement for students as acing the exams. It enables you to connect with peers, impress your teachers, and build long-term friendships and relationships. But standing out among hundreds of other students is easier said than done, and you need more than good looks, academic abilities, and talent to be visible. Luckily, you can leverage social media to become a part of the elite group. But you need to think outside the box to make a mark with your profile. Here are some social media hacks to get some brownie points.

Choose the right platforms

Choosing the right social media platforms is the key to getting the popularity you expect as a student. Join Facebook if you want to connect with a large group because almost everyone uses the platform. Instagram is great for flaunting your style, LinkedIn gets you professional connections, and Twitter is ideal if you love to speak your mind. You can build your profiles across all these platforms to maximize your visibility.. 

Impress with compelling content

A social profile only makes you visible, but gaining popularity takes more. You must create compelling content to gain attention and engage with your connections. Cover the campus activities and events as they are more likely to spark interest and get people to recognize you when they see you in person. Besides posting compelling content, be consistent to ensure your connections remember you. 

Let your pictures speak

Let your social media pictures speak if you want people to recognize you. Pick impressive locations, dress like a pro, and infuse creativity in every photo you post on social media. The best thing is that you can go now for a range of editing tools such as background removers, filters, cropping apps, and more. These tools let you refine old pictures and off-campus images to add interest to your social profile.

Build your network

Creating an impressive social media profile with compelling posts and appealing visuals is only half the work. You must invest time and effort to build your network to gain the popularity and recognition you want. Think beyond classmates and seniors in your academic wing. You can even connect with students in other courses, alumni, and staff. It is a surefire way to be the center of attraction. 

Never skimp on security

While building your social connections can make you a popular face on-campus, you should not skimp on security. The last thing you want to encounter is cyberbullying, online stalking, or data theft, so be careful about the people you connect with. Try to stick with people with a solid reputation. Every time you connect with an unknown person, check their profile first. Ensure using privacy settings and unfollowing people who seem suspicious. 

Gaining popularity through social media is easy, provided you are creative enough. But remember to be selective as you grow your network because safety is as vital as popularity. 


The author bio: Jay Haynes has been working as a content head at OutreachMonks for the last three years. Jay takes an active interest in shelling out his knowledge on digital marketing and business subjects. Other than that, he likes to read about the latest global technological advancements.