4 Different Areas of Law that Lawyers Work In: Which Route Might Be Right for You Post-College?

If you have decided that you are going to study the law, focus on it, and find a job at a law office, then you probably only have one thing left to choose: What law field are you going to be diving into post-college? 

There are a lot of options and if you are looking for some of the best options for you to try out, this article is going to break everything down.

Here are some of the areas of law that lawyers work in, and also some of the areas that you can easily get into.

1. Personal Injury Law

People get hurt, they get hurt a lot, and sometimes it is someone’s fault. Whether someone gets hit by a car, slips and falls on their workplace, or gets hurt because of someone else’s negligence, then they can sue to get insurance coverage or compensation from their business.

A personal injury lawyer is someone who protects your legal rights whenever you are hurt during an accident, and there are several smaller fields inside of personal injury law. These include auto injury, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, and work injuries. If you want a field that has a lot of flexibility, this is a great one for you.

2. Bankruptcy Law

Both people and corporations can go bankrupt, where they have no more money, but do have to work with a pile of debt as well as the creditors seeking to reclaim what they are owed. Bankruptcy lawyers spend their time reviewing documents and preparing motions, and don’t get to spend a lot of time in court.

If you like everything about the law except for the courtroom aspect and have a love for dealing with contracts, tax law, and corporations, then bankruptcy law is going to work for you and your needs.

3. Environmental Law

Being outdoors and spending a lot of time reading are two of the requirements for getting into environmental law. However, it isn’t as easy as ‘trees good, big oil companies bad’ because environmental law is very complicated. If you go into environmental law, then you will be looking at all sorts of complex treaties, conventions, and statutes that are focused on state, federal, and transnational law. If you’ve got a sharp brain and a deep love for all things law related, this can be good for you. 

4. Family Law

If you have a cool head under pressure and an ability to take on highly emotional cases and handle them logically, then you might be a good candidate for family law. You would be dealing with cases such as divorce, child welfare, and even adoption. All of these cases can be very highly emotionally charged, but you can help people navigate these hard times and show them that everything will be okay.

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

These are just four of the dozens of law fields that you can get into, and even all of the above have more specific sub-fields as well. Don’t be afraid to try a few things out and see what appeals to you. You might find yourself going back and forth between extremes, or bouncing between the subfields of a larger law umbrella.

Eventually, you will find the one that will work for you, and then you can get to work helping people and changing lives in that field of law. Plus, the longer it takes you to find your route for law, the better it will feel whenever you find the one that feels right for you. 

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