The 5 White Pieces That Complement Every Girl’s Wardrobe

White is a color most people are not too comfortable wearing. Some avoid it thinking how it makes them look bigger, others find it a risky color to wear as it easily gets dirty. True, white is not the most practical color to wear. However, it can significantly elevate our outfits. The trick is in finding the right pieces that suit our (life)style. Want to find out how you can incorporate white into your wardrobe? Just scrawl down!

1. White Shirt

A well-known piece that most people love. The white shirt is an iconic piece that will never go out of style. As it is familiar and present in many closets, it does not seem as risky as other white pieces might. The white shirt can be worn in numerous ways and to numerous places.

2. White Blazer

If you love blazers you will love wearing a white one. Instead of the all-time favorite black or navy ones, the white blazer is a classic piece that can be easily styled. White is just as timeless as black so, you will be able to wear it through years and years to come. Also, it is an elegant piece and can help you stand out from the crowd.

3. White Bag

If you are tired of pairing your outfits with a black or nude-colored bag, white is a suitable option as well. A white bag can be the perfect accessory to balance or town down a number of outfits, from nudes and pastels to more vibrant colors and darker tones.

4. White Sneakers

At the moment, white sneakers are one of the most popular shoes to be worn by everyone. They come in so many shapes, sizes, and materials, suitable for a number of lifestyles. We can see them worn with suits, sportswear, jeans, dresses,… White sneakers rule Instagram.

5. White Boot

If any of the white pieces will make you look like a fashionista, it will be a pair of white boots. From the minimalist to the retro-chic lover, white boots can be incorporated into anyone’s closet. Plus, this versatile piece can be styled all year round.

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