8 Makeup Essentials You Need In Your Collection

Whether you’re just getting started or consider yourself close to a professional MUA, there are some absolute essentials that you will want to ensure are always stocked up in your collection. Finding the perfect products for your face makeup such as the perfect concealer that leaves no under-eye creasing is not always easy,  but you are going to want the best products that work for you. 

Setting Spray

A good setting spray will ensure that your makeup lasts all day long! You will want to make sure you choose one that doesn’t disrupt your base makeup – the worst thing would be for your makeup to start separating. You can get different finishes depending on what you would like – perhaps something dewier, or if you have an oily complexion, you may wish to opt for something with a matte finish. This is definitely an essential item that you do not want to miss out on having in your collection.


Brushes and Beauty Blenders

There are many different tools you can use with your makeup; brushes and beauty blenders are currently the most popular. Brushes are great when applying powder products such as eyeshadow or when setting your face with powder. However, beauty blenders are perfect when applying and blending in any cream or liquid products.


Mascara can make or break an eye look; you want something that will accentuate your natural lashes – making them look fuller and longer. There are tons of mascara products on the market that all cater to different needs – if you already have luscious long lashes, you might want something that will give you volume. If you have straight lashes, you might want to opt for something that will give you a nice curl. Mascara can allow you to bring attention to your eyes and really make them pop!


Adding color to your face can make sure you do not end up looking ghostly; blush is the perfect way to achieve this. A little pink or red blush can really warm up your face and make you even look a little sun-kissed. You can also get some blush that has a shimmer finish – this will act as a blush and highlight combo, leaving a beautiful shimmer across your cheeks while still adding some color.


If you are looking to transform your daytime look into a nighttime look, lipstick will be your best friend – it is a key addition to your collection. Dark plum-colored lipstick is perfect for going out in the evenings, a classic red is nothing but timeless, and a nude is ideal for wearing every day – these examples here show how having a few shades can be used on all occasions. There are also different formulas; choosing the best type for your needs is extremely important. If you want something that is not going to budge, a matte liquid lipstick is going to be your best bet – these will not transfer even when eating food! If you have dry lips, you might want to look into a more hydrating formula such as a regular bullet lipstick.


Concealer is normally used to cover up blemishes, but it can also be used to highlight and sculpt your face. Applying a lighter concealer to your under-eye area can really help brighten things up – this will be a must in your kit if you have quite dark circles. Concealer is also a very versatile product; it can also be used as an eyeshadow base before eyeshadow – using a white concealer or a very pale shade can ensure that anything you put on top is extremely vibrant.


Bronzer is another way to add some color to your face after finishing your base makeup. It is a great substitute for those that aren’t the biggest fans of blush. Bronzer adds warmth to your face; it can also act as a great substitute for self-tanner if you have sensitive skin. If you are trying to get yourself into contouring your face, bronzer is a great way to practice. It adds a soft definition to your face, perfect for accentuating your cheekbones or chiseling out your jawline whilst still looking soft and gentle. 


From the 90s stick thin brows to the infamous thick Instagram brows of the 2010s, eyebrows have always been trending. If you are happy with the shape and fullness of your eyebrows, you might want to look into an eyebrow gel – whether you get a colored or clear formula is not that important, the gel will allow you to secure your eyebrows in place all day. For those who are looking to have fuller brows, an eyebrow pencil or a pomade might be best. A pomade will usually give you a fuller look, but it is hard to get any definition, whereas an eyebrow pencil will allow you to emulate hairlike strokes.