How CBD Can Help Your Skin Glow!

Taking the health and wellness industry by storm, the world of CBD continues to thrive as people understand the benefits associated with the natural supplement. Whether it be used for sleeping issues, anxiety problems, or chronic pain conditions, many people are choosing to use CBD as an alternative to traditional medication.

As well as the health industry, the beauty industry is another who is jumping on the bandwagon to produce CBD infused skin care products like CBD moisturiser, eye creams, and serums. Since CBD oil has the potential of treating skin issues like acne, age spots, as well as reducing puffiness, redness, dryness, pigmentation, and wrinkles, it has definitely caught the attention of many.

Although there are a range of products each designed to tackle a certain skin concern, the addition of CBD can bring an added level of results that will make you never go back to your old skincare routine.

Fight acne

Acne is a common skin problem among people of all age groups and genders which can irritate the skin and can be very painful as well as a cause for self-consciousness. The flare ups tend to occur due to factors like hormonal imbalance, puberty, stress, medications, and excessive oil production. Research has shown that CBD oil can help to reduce the occurrence of acne by altering the oil discharge by the body, also offering anti-inflammatory attributes to calm any flare ups.

Suitable for sensitive skin

People who have sensitive skin are often vulnerable to harsh ingredients and chemicals, creating painful or red flare ups that can create rashes. Frequent washing of sensitive skin can lead to itchiness and taut skin so switching to CBD products can offer relief as the cannabidiol has soothing properties that can help diminish the signs of sensitivity. Some people prefer to apply CBD products by applying premade CBD cream, but it also works to mix CBD oil with a regular moisturiser. 

Anti-aging properties

Early signs of aging include crease lines on the forehead, cheeks, eyes, and smile, often occurring due to a lack of hydration, exposure to UV rays, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Although they cannot be avoided, it is possible to delay the early signs of aging and research has shown that CBD can actually offer some answers. Regular application of CBD oil may help to prevent our skin from experiencing free radical damage and is beneficial in diminishing the appearance of dull skin to bring back the more youthful looking skin.

Reduce stress levels

What happens on the inside can have a huge impact on the outside so maintaining a healthy mind and body plays a crucial role in the appearance of skin. Stress is shown to deteriorate your skin through inflammation, dryness, and acne, as is a lack of sleep which can affect the self-repair of skin cells, hydration, and texture. CBD is known to help reduce stress and anxiety as well as improving sleep, so incorporating it into your lifestyle can subsequently leave you feeling better on the outside and inside.