Brie Larson, Sasha Grey, and T-Pain Going Big in Celebrity Streaming Craze

Streaming has become so popular that it’s basically an entertainment medium of its own. While trailblazers on YouTube made watching other people play games and try stuff fun, platforms like Twitch have made the experience all the more immersive through their devotion to live content.

Over the last few years, we’ve suddenly seen celebrities take to streaming platforms across the board. Whether it’s to grow their fandom, show off a talent, or promote a stack of products, celebrities are all over the major websites now.

In the modern world of celebrities, people want to see something that’s more authentic and real away from the scripted promotional runs that celebrities do alongside their shows, movies, album releases, and the like. As the go-to streaming method shows someone in a real room of their house or location as well as real reactions, people can feel more connected to those who stream. 

Streaming is the most authentic way to connect to large audiences


Streaming has become the go-to technology for people to connect to vast audiences online. Particularly if it takes the form of a live stream, the videos have proven to be particularly magnetic, showcasing something that’s real, authentic, and so ‘in-the-moment’ that it can’t be missed. It’s because of this that so much research and development has gone into the sector to make the experience much more two-way than it often is on streaming platforms. 

This approach can certainly be seen at The Hippodrome Casino. London’s legendary entertainment house that’s now one of the new casinos online hosts a whole range of games that are live streamed from the venue itself to those players accessing the stream via computers, tablets, and mobiles. Anyone playing will get the authentic experience carefully curated by the casino as well as real-time gaming action. 

In a live casino game, the player enters via a site or app, taps the tile for the live game, and then joins the live stream. Everything seen is happening there and then. With the application of some crafty tech like a GCU and OCR, whatever’s played at the table is recorded in the game. This is then relayed to the software, which can determine the players who won or lost in each round.

As the UI on the player’s side allows for their real-time input, it’s as though they’re playing at the table. It’s the live element and being able to see another real person on the other side of the screen that creates the feeling of authenticity. This is what makes streaming so appealing to viewers and, in turn, celebrities looking to branch out on their own. 

Celebrities embracing the power of streaming

Source: Pexels

Naturally, most celebrities will turn to the go-to platforms for streaming content as they have a built-in and active audience with algorithms that will drive them to celebrity channels. Twitch may have forged its own celebrities, but celebrities are now finding massive followings by hosting live streams and, quite often, playing video games in those streams.

One of the great success stories with 1.1 million followers is Sasha Grey, the writer, musician, DJ, and actor who hosts cooking streams, chats, and streams her gaming time, with Stray being one of her most recent games. Along with Grey, you can also find rapper T-Pain (859,000 followers), actor and writer Felicia Day (225,000 followers), and comedian James Buckley (239,000 followers).

Over on YouTube, where live streaming doesn’t tend to be the emphasis for content creators, celebrities are also running rampant. Only kicking off her channel in July 2020, Brie Larson has already amassed some 684,000 subscribers, with the actress sharing inside looks at her day-to-day life, exercise, home tips, and bringing in fellow celebrities for chats and collaboration videos. Of course, her follower count pales in comparison to Hailey Rhode Bieber (1.77 million) and the recently apologetic Will Smith (9.84 million).

Celebrities have been able to make the most of streaming platforms, but Vinnie Jones’ move into the casino gaming side is certainly a bold and new entry into the craze. If it works with players, maybe others will follow suit.

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