5 Ways To Spend A Fun Fall Day With The Girls

Fall is right here and by the time we realize that it will be gone. There are endless options when you’re a kid but as you get older there are fewer things you find fun but don’t be alarmed. So grab the girls on a beautiful fall Saturday or Sunday and pick amongst these five amazing options of how to spend time with each other.

Cider Tasting

This is a fun outing with people, find a location near you that has a hard cider tasting. If there aren’t any places near you that do this then create your own. Grab an array of fun hard ciders and a cheese board and have the girls over for a tasting.

Bake Fall Treats

This one will not only give you something to do and something to eat but this will make your house smell absolutely amazing. Some great examples are making pies. A perfect addition to this fall day is to pick your own apples then make them into treats.

Rainy Day Movie

A rainy day can set the perfect environment for a movie day. Grab a line up of fall movies and some snacks, grab some fall drinks and watch till you can’t anymore.

Make Cute Fall Drinks

This recipie is the perfect drink for fall. All you need is apple cider, vodka, and ginger beer. Combine equal parts ginger beer and apple cider then 2 ounces of vodka. Pour this drink into a fall-themed cup and top with some cinnamon.

Fall Hike

Hiking is such a perfect thing for a summer day, but what is even better is when the temperature has dropped and you can cozy up to take a hike. Plus the scenery is amazing, the leaves are changing colors and the air is crisp.