Tips and Advice for Halloween Couple Costumes for College Students

‘Tis the season for candy apples and buckets of chocolate as the official spooky season kicks off. Indeed, nothing is more fun than dressing in costumes and celebrating Halloween with all your favorite people.

You’ll likely be attending parties galore in late October, but before you dash from one spooky soirée to another, you’ll want to have your costume ready a few days before the Halloween festivities begin.

Consider these tips for creating the best Halloween couple costumes.

Decide on Your Unique Style

As a couple, what’s the best word to describe your style? Are you funny, cute, sexy, adventurous, or spooky? Halloween is the best time to show off your zany side. Consider how you dress each day and what’s comfortable for you. Are you most comfortable in jeans or are you a fashion diva who always shows up runway ready? And what about your significant other’s tastes in clothing? These considerations can give you a basis for deciding how extravagant — or not — your costumes will be this year. Additionally, make sure everyone is on board before you dive into making or buying costumes such as Marc Antony and Cleopatra. Now that’s a Halloween couple’s costume with a scandalous history. But, oh, what an entrance you’d make!

Group Costumes

If you want to do something fun and unusual, consider dressing up in matching costumes with another couple. The more the merrier, but here are a few ideas for your group:

  • Circus clowns
  • Clan of witches
  • Legion of angels
  • Coven of vampires
  • Cowboys and cowgirls
  • Hippies
  • Aliens
  • The clergy (priest and nun)
  • Outlaws (Billy the Kid and the Regulators)
  • Batman, Batgirl, Robin, and the Joker
  • Bonnie and Clyde and the Barrow Gang (1920s clothing)

Your group will be the coolest trick-or-treaters on the block when you arrive in matching costumes. Save money by checking your closet to see if you have any older costumes that can still be used this time around. Searching for the perfect trench coat to complete your vampire look? Need an oversized pair of trousers to perfect your clown costume? Then visit your local thrift shops. Or you can save time by shopping online for the perfect Halloween couple costume. Many retailers are offering affordable pricing and a wide inventory to make this Halloween the best one yet.

Bring Back Rock-n-Roll

Are you a fan of 80s rock music? Then show your love by dressing as your favorite rock star. Perhaps you want to go with a flashy disco look or dress in black and paint your face as your favorite KISS musician: Gene, Paul, Peter, or Ace. Or, if you’re still undecided, consider movie themes. What celebrity or on-screen couple do you admire? How about Danny and Sandy from “Grease”? It’s a simple and fun look that’s even better if the two of you can sing “You’re the One that I Want.” Go for it!

Halloween is Here

When it comes to picking out costumes, planning early and considering these aforementioned ideas will give you plenty of time to find the best options. You’ll also want to talk to your significant other and narrow down your choices to a few themes that work well for both of you. Of course, keep costs in mind and shop early to make sure the costume you want isn’t sold out. Regardless, whether you’re handing out candy or attending an adult costume party, you’ll be ready to steal the spotlight this Halloween.

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