Tickle Your Fancy with the Best Summer Weekends Cocktails 

Summer is a perfect time to relax and enjoy the warm nights in great company. And there is no better thing to accompany us during this process than a delicious cocktail. Among the immensely wide variety of cocktails, we want to present you with the best drinks to accompany your summertime.

Garnish your bar time with a refreshing Margarita cocktail



There is nothing better in this world than a refreshing taste of Margarita drink. This cocktail will become a great addition to hot summer days due to its high lime content. The alcohol that goes with lime is half an ounce of tequila and Cointreau liquor.

Margarita has found huge success in casinos and will be a great companion for gamblers. So regardless of whether you are a guest of a land-based casino or spinning some pokies at an online casino games canada, Margarita is a perfect drink choice for that.

Enjoy your time at the tropical beach with Pina Colada

When most people get asked about the summeriest drink, most folks will definitely say Pina Colada. And that is not a random case. This cocktail is from Puerto Rico, where the scorching sun shines daily. So how can you not trust people constantly placed in a hot environment?

To make Pina Colada so refreshing, its recipe includes lots of cold stuff like the frozen pineapple and the ice itself. In addition to that, the cocktail has pineapple and lime juice with some cream of coconut (not coconut cream, which is very important). The alcohol part consists of rum (any good rum like Captain Morgan will work perfectly here).

As you see, this cocktail has just one alcoholic ingredient, making it a pretty soft drink.

Bring more fresh colors to your summer with Mojito

Mojito is a signature summer drink that takes its roots in Havana more than a couple of hundreds of years ago. The real fame of the Mojito came to it in the 30s, when Ernest Hemingway helped to popularize it. The fun fact about this drink is that you don’t even have to drink it to understand that it is a perfect summer companion. It is because the drink looks so greenish that even your instincts will tell you that you must taste it on a hot summer day.

The green part of the Mojito is formed of green mint leaves and fresh lime juice. The next ingredients are a simple syrup and soda water. You can use different soda options, but a Sprite is a classic variant served at most bars. As a tradition, the alcohol in our summer drinks comes from rum.

Mojito has to be a sweet drink, and if you haven’t added a Sprite as the soda, you might need some extra brown sugar.

Aperol Spritz: a perfect summer drink before the lunch


And the last on our list is a simplistic yet insanely popular aperitif that comes from the 19th century of Italy. It has three simple ingredients: sparkling wine, Aperol, and soda water. The soda will take up the least space in your cup, while the sparkling wine the most, and soda will sit in the middle. Mix them all together, squeeze an orange, or add some ice if you want. In the end, put the straw in it, and your perfect summer aperitif is ready to be consumed!

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