What Could the Future of Online Casinos Hold?

Gambling and different types of casino games have been around for hundreds of years – with a huge breakthrough for casinos being the very first online casino popping up in 1996. Since then the industry has exploded in terms of progress.

The main driver for the impressive evolution of online casinos is the rapid pace at which technology has developed. Players can now enjoy entertainment such as themed games, intricate bonus rounds and captivating special features – all of which can be found on the games featured at the best Ontario casinos.

With the online casino industry moving at such a fast pace, one question many fans have is what does the future hold for online casinos? Well, let’s take a look!

The Fascinating Past Of Online Casinos

As we mentioned before, the very first online casino popped up almost 30 years ago, back in 1996. Whilst primitive compared to some of the sites you can play on today, this first iteration gave players the choice of playing Craps, Blackjack, Video Poker and Roulette. 

The number of people who had access to computers was very low at this point and online banking was tricky. It took quite a while for people to even trust these first online casinos enough to deposit money!

Software developer Microgaming made the next big breakthrough with the release of the first-ever online progressive jackpot slot – Cash Splash. The mechanics of this game were simple and there were very few animations, but the game was a huge success.

When smartphones started to become popular in the 2000s, live dealer games became increasingly popular. With internet speeds increasing and phones getting better over time, these live casinos got increasingly popular. slot games also started to include new mechanics and improved animations, helping the success of online casinos explode to where it is today.

Modern Day Online Casinos

This leads us up to where we are today – plenty of online casinos to choose from with a whole host of different slots to enjoy. You can hop from a slot game about ancient Aztec civilization to a game based on your favourite comedy tv show seamlessly in a few clicks.

Live dealer and table games have also had a nice little facelift since their first inception. New technology allows games to be live streamed from actual casinos, with players being able to interact with other players as live data of hands is shown on your screen.

There are also tons of new game types that have been added to online casinos – from different live games that are formatted like a gameshow to hybrid games such as Slingo – slots and bingo combined!

The Promising Future of Online Casinos

That brings us nicely to what the future holds for these casinos. Almost all advancements in the industry can be linked back to the evolution of technology and it’s no surprise – technological advancements and online gambling go hand in hand.

Live casino games have introduced VR or virtual reality technology into their systems. This allows players to feel like they’re actually there, in the casino enjoying their favourite table games. You can enjoy all this with just a VR-capable headset!

There are even VR slot games which allow you to physically reach out and touch the buttons in a virtual environment, again adding a new layer of immersion. 

In terms of security, advancements in blockchain technology allow for a level of security in terms of payment to casinos, which adds a new level of safety and anonymity for players. It’s technological developments like this that appear to have nothing to do with online casinos but can be implemented in creative ways to help players. 


Overall It’s very hard to predict where online casinos will go next – we might be enjoying full-sized virtual reality casinos from the comfort of our own homes!

The staggering rate at which technology is progressing is a great thing for the industry and we’re sure to see some incredible new special features being released into games.