The Best Summer Curl Care Tips

Curly hair is currently very popular. Although, if you naturally have curly hair you may be less concerned with how popular it is. In fact, you’re more likely to be concerned with how to look after your curly hair, especially in the heat of summer.

The Summer Issue 

Summer means sunshine and increased levels of warmth. It’s nice to get outside and enjoy it. But, the sun and the heat do present an issue for anyone with curly hair. Warmer hair is better at holding humidity. This humidity has an almost instant effect on your hair. In short, straight hair will become wavy while curly hair will become frizzy. Just think of Monica in Friends.

There is little you can do about the effect on your hair as it is connected with the chemical structure of the hair. It is actually a result of hydrogen in the air which increases the greater the humidity. The hydrogen causes bonds in your hair to break and reform. There is a detailed scientific explanation of the process but the end result is your curly hair becomes frizzy.

Fortunately, you can still look after your curls:

Use Tools To Add Effect

A simple way to enhance the curliness of your hair and avoid the frizz is to use the right tools. You can choose these hair curlers and wavers and use them daily when styling. Combined with the right products, they will ensure your hair looks fantastic and is well protected from changes due to humidity.

It’s best to use curlers on semi-dry hair, combined with volumizers, protective spray, and hairspray. This helps it look its best whatever the humidity is doing. 

Use Detoxifying Oils

To help protect your hair in the summer it’s a good idea to stop using shampoos every day. Instead, switch to detoxifying oils and cleansing oils. These will still remove debris from your hair, keeping it clean. But, they will also enrich the hair with natural protection, ensuring the hair stays frizz-free. The oils are also an effective way of reducing moisture on your scalp, helping to reduce the risk of bad bacteria and yeast on your scalp.

Deep Condition

Once a week you should use a deep conditioning mask. Simply cover your hair and leave it for the specified amount of time. This will repair damaged bonds in your hair, strengthening it. The mask will also add moisture to your hair along with nutrients, helping it to stay healthy without the issues associated with humidity. 

Deep conditioning can also add fibre to the hair which works to protect your hair from the moisture in the air. 

Minimize The Heat

The best way to retain your curls is to use a hot air brush and keep the heat set low. This will help you create perfect curls every time and still protect your hair from being dried out and becoming brittle. 

The same is true if you use hairdryers and other heat-styling tools. Keep the heat low and use protective spray, your hair will thank you for it.