Plan Your Own Wedding the Easy, Inexpensive Way

Do you want to avoid the conventional, old-fashioned, expensive wedding? Many young and middle-aged couples are opting to keep their ceremonies simple, low-cost events. Whether this is your second marriage or you just want to keep costs down and plan your own wedding, there are several effective tactics anyone can use to get the job done. The first part of the secret is about planning or making a detailed list of cost estimates and all the things that will happen leading up to the big event. Another strategy is paying in advance for churches, reception halls, honeymoon trips, and more.

If you’re a careful advance planner, it’s possible to save a bundle on the total price tag of the nuptials. Applying for a loan is one of the easiest ways to pay upfront for everything and take advantage of numerous discounts. Other powerful money saving moves include keeping the guest list very short, opting for a short honeymoon or delaying the trip altogether, and holding both the ceremony and reception at your home. Here are details to help you get started.

Make a Simple Plan

Create a simple but detailed plan for every item you have to pay for. Likewise, make a daily event listing for wedding-related to-do items from now until the end of the honeymoon. It’s much more convenient to work from an event-specific calendar than to mix the reminders in with your daily or work schedules. Come up with a total price tag for everything, including the ceremony, reception, honeymoon, and

anything else related to the main event. This can help you save money when you shop for everything from the venue to flowers to the bride and groom’s attire. 

Pay Expenses in Advance

Even if you take the budget approach, it’s still smart to find out every wedding-related expense in advance and pay ahead of time. Ministers’ fees, reception halls, airline tickets, hotels, clothing rental, and similar items add up fast. But you can reduce the total expenditure by as much as 50 percent when you pay several months in advance. When you apply for low monthly payment loans to cover all the costs, you get the chance to lock in savings and design loan terms that suit your preferred payback period and monthly payment amount. Couples who plan ahead and leverage the power of personal loans enjoy their weddings more.

Keep the Honeymoon Short

There are two cost saving ways to deal with honeymoons. Either opt to delay a big trip or take a shorter, scaled down vacation with your new spouse. Don’t give in to the temptation to spend a fortune on a once-in-a-lifetime excursion. You can plan the perfect mini-moon now and you’ll be able to afford that extravagant trip more easily later on and will enjoy it more after being married for a few years.

Guests and Simple Ceremonies

The one factor that affects total costs the most is the number of guests you invite. When you throw a wedding on a budget, keep it small at about 20 guest’s total. Then, plan to hold the ceremony and a small-scale reception in your home. Do the decorating yourself, but consider hiring a caterer to make your life less stressful before the big day. Home-based weddings can be memorable, intimate, and fun for all attendees. They’re also very low-cost wedding options for anyone who wants to cut costs.